‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s Kid Makes a Commercial – Are Times That Tough? [Video]

Sister Wives star Kody Brown is in financial hot water when the new season opens in a few weeks and he springs his latest woes on his wives. Jump to real-time and Christine Brown is now doing home commercials for a product. It looks like Kody Brown can use all the help he can get.

Then the next advertising blurb comes from one of the youngest members of the Sister Wives clan. Yes, little Truely Brown hits a home run with the adorable factor. It appears she follows in her dad and her mom’s footsteps when it comes to pitching a sale.

Sister Wives: Finances Put Kody Brown In Dire Straits

The new season of Sister Wives doesn’t hide the fact that Kody Brown and his wives are in dire straits over finances. Kody Brown looks really concerned in the clips from the episodes slated to roll out at the beginning of next month. Some fans think they are on the brink of ruin if something doesn’t quickly turn around for them.

Maybe that explains why Meri Brown went full-steam ahead for her LuLaRoe sales. She posts new LuLaRoe advertising on her site almost daily. Whether she is modeling the LuLaRoe line or offering up a sales price, it appears she’s on top of her game.

This also might explain Christine amping up her game over the last few months as well. She appears to mimic Meri Brown in her Sister Wives sales tactics. She might not post as frequently as Meri Brown, but Christine is suddenly very present online wearing her LuLaRoe duds.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Truely Brown

Christine Brown Now Selling Something She’ll Never Use

Today Christine Brown surprised her fans from Sister Wives. The third wife of Kody Brown is selling another product online in one of her swipe-up sales presentations. You’d expect Christine to sell some kitchen contraptions since she’s big on cooking.

But this Sister Wives spouse is offering up a product that she’ll never use. From the looks of things, Truely Brown might but probably not for much longer.

Truely, who is the second youngest daughter of Kody Brown, does her own online commercial. It’s for the same product her mom pushes on her Sister Wives followers.

After watching both Christine and Truely Brown strut their best sales techniques, you might have questions.  Sister Wives enthusiasts may start to wonder how this all fell into place.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Is She a Little Big For That?

First of all, Truely Brown is so adorable you couldn’t find a cuter face to entice you to a product. Not to mention it looks like she’s got some good thoughts when it comes to advertising. She conjured up selling points that no one could debate. The toy horse definitely won’t make a mess like a real one, she tells her mom.

This little cutie from Sister Wives apparently insisted that she make her own commercial for the product. This is a young girl with big goals. Not too long ago she shared how she has her sights set on being the president one day.

This ad starts out with Truely Brown asking her mom for a pony. But Christine says no. Then Kody Brown’s little girl runs into the next room to bring out her alternative pony. Her Sister Wives mom can’t argue with all the pros for this toy that’s offered by Truely.

Christine’s swipe up commercial is selling the same thing, a Pony Cycle. Truly Brown might make you want to buy one just because she’s so darn cute. But this Sister Wives mother selling this product might seem a bit odd. Since her kids are all older now.

On the Cycle Pony box, it advertises the ages of “4-9” for this toy. Truely, who is nine, looks a bit too big for the pony. Still, she just barely falls into the age group this toy product recommends.

So What’s Up With the Pony?

Kody Brown has two younger kids with Robyn Brown. So why isn’t Robyn, the mom of Solomon Brown and Ariella Mae Brown selling the toy? The financial demise of the Sister Wives family hits everyone according to Kody Brown in the new season previews.

So far it looks as if Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, and Christine Brown have tried to help Kody Brown. Meri and Christine concentrate on clothing sales. Janelle gave up her weekends to travel to Vegas from Flagstaff. She did this to hold open houses in an attempt to sell their unsold homes for the money they desperately need.

Now things appear even more desperate that one of Kody’s kids try their hand at selling. Chances are if any sales of Cycle Pony come off Christine’s website, it’s due to the cuteness factor Truely Brown adds.

When Sister Wives Season 14 rolls out on Sunday night, January 5, fans will get to see how desperate Kody Brown is as his finances appear to tumble around him. While they sit at one of their family finance discussions, it looks like viewers find out just who is doing what to help Kody pull them out of the hole they’re in.

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