‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s Old Girlfriend’s Photo Surfaces – Once Jabbed Co-Wives

Sister Wives celeb Kody Brown had a romantic past with someone else before creating one big happy family with his four co-wives. Veteran fans of Sister Wives might remember when that past came back to bite him on one of the earlier seasons.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Squirms as Old Flame Gives Details

Kody Brown took all four of his Sister Wives to meet his childhood friends years ago. This played-out back in Season 3. Among those friends was a woman who seemed to be Kody’s high school sweetheart. Since she shared some intimate moments she experienced with Kody, she sure sounded like an old flame.

It seems Sister Wives fans debate today what Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown should have done during this visit. When a follower of the TLC reality series posted a screenshot of Kody Brown’s old flame, the debate was on.

While this woman described the way Kody Brown rubbed her arm, the fans describe all four co-wives as uncomfortable. But no one was as uneasy as Kody Brown himself while this woman reminisced. When she detailed the moves of romance that once came from the Sister Wives patriarch, he squirmed in his seat for sure.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown High School Girlfriend

Sister Wives: Kody Brown High School Girlfriend Comments

What Can Kody Brown’s Sister Wives Do?

Today on social media, Sister Wives enthusiasts debate how they would have handled it if they were in the co-wives place. As the woman offered details of her memories, a few comments suggested they’d but a stop to it as they wouldn’t want to hear about their partner’s old dates.

Some thought Kody Brown’s wives handled themselves like ladies. Still, others thought they should have clocked the woman square on the face. Whoever this woman was, it soon became apparent that she seemed to like the attention.

She not only told the story with her words but she demonstrated with her hands as well. She used her hand to rub her arm and made facial expressions as if she enjoyed it. Several of the people commenting on this Sister Wives scene pointed out something else. It seems some followers think Papa Brown may have a type when it comes to women.

His Ex Girlfriend Looks a Little Like Christine Brown?

To some of the people commenting on the event, this woman looked like Christine Brown. She also resembled Janelle a bit as well. The scene of Kody and his Sister Wives ladies visiting his friends and his old flame appears in the video above.

Fans were surprised to hear of Kody’s romancing when he claims he has rules for himself before marriage. Maybe those rules came along later. From the mouths of Kody’s friends, his wives learn that Kody Brown always liked to be the center of attention.

His polygamous lifestyle was a surprise to most of his comrades. One did say marrying four women then appearing on TV was right up Kody’s alley since he always strived for the limelight.

His ex-girlfriend only appeared for a few minutes on the screen. But she doesn’t seem to have a lot in common with Kody’s co-wives, suggest fans. today.

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