Sister Wives: Christine Brown Suggests Drowning Animals – Fans Livid

Sister Wives celeb Christine Brown put another target on her back this week on social media with a post directed at animals that fans see as cruel. Is she so bored during the nation’s stay-at-home that she’s prodding her followers on purpose? See what stirred up TLC fans now.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Faces Irate Animal Lovers

What was Christine Brown of the Sister Wives clan thinking with this post? She asked followers to post photos of animals that Noah should have left off the ark to drown. However, she got a response the third wife might not have expected.

Nasty comments piled up quickly to Christine’s post and got a virtual slamming. You can see that post below where Christine triggered animal lovers. But, the Sister Wives reality star already deleted it. This is the second time recently fans found her tone-deaf with her statements.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown

Star Deletes Controversial Post – Second Outrage in 10 Days

Christine Brown must not be thinking too carefully before she speaks to fans these days. This little animal-drowning post seems lighthearted but people were furious at the suggestion that animals should drown.

Clearly, the Sister Wives third wife really missed the mark. Many of the comments slammed her while other comments sounded stunned.

People told Christine that all living things are God’s creatures. Some Sister Wives enthusiasts suggested that Christine must have a vendetta against something like a raccoon to post such a bizarre request. She doesn’t live far from Coyote Pass and that land got its name from the coyotes in the area.

Maybe coyotes are bothering her pets? She never mentioned what her personal death wish list looked like as far as creatures go, but maybe she has one.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown - Meri Brown - Christine Brown - Kody Brown - Robyn Brown - Dancing

Sister Wives: Another Target on Her Back

It almost looks as if Christine Brown is seeking out bashing these days. Her choice of posts over last couple of weeks makes her ripe for these nasty comments. This Sister Wives mom put up a post a few days back that caused such an uproar, that she needed to shut off the comments to the post.

Christine Brown faced criticism including “disingenuous” for the last post that seemed to promote racial harmony but also tried to market her online clothing business. The message was somewhat generic and then she hashtagged the clothing company. And boom – the hammer fell on Christine.

Not much prior, fans thought she intended to seduce her shared husband. The Sister Wives online followers saw that as a slam to the other wives. This came on the heels of a date night picture with Kody where she dolled up in spiked red heels. She suggested she would “embrace sexy” for her night out with her shared husband.

Wait to see if Christine Brown learned her lesson yet with controversial posts or if she continues to draw fan’s ire.

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