‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s Rotating Bedroom Schedule Comes to Screeching Halt?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown and his merry-go-round of sleeping quarters may be stuck in one place after what goes on in the newest episode. That rotating bedroom schedule captured a lot of interest from the fans through the years.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Bedroom Roster Sparks Interest From Beginning

Kody Brown’s Sister Wives schedule probably sparked interest because it’s so out of the norm to have a man switch bedrooms every night. Especially when each of those bedrooms belongs to a different woman.

But it’s not Kody’s stamina that kept the Sister Wives followers’ interested in that schedule. No, it was the fact that he had four women willing to go along with this. At first, the Sister Wives clan was considered somewhat of an oddity.

But after a decade of watching Kody Brown, four wives, and 18 kids navigate daily life, it seems in some ways they’re no different than other families. Except… four women share a husband. For several years, their ups and downs didn’t tear the family apart. But lately, it’s not looking good for the adults in this plural marriage.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Full Schedule In Early Days – Not So Full Today?

Kody Brown himself said he is no longer living with Meri Brown, the first wife of all the Sister Wives. Apparently he considers himself living with each wife even though he doesn’t make any of the homes his full-time place.

So not living with his first wife, Meri Brown, anymore can only mean he doesn’t sleep there every fourth night as he did at one time. The two embarked on marriage counseling and they filmed it for this season. But it seems Meri has high hopes of putting their marriage back together. On the other hand, Kody seemed to refuse another try. It appears he can’t let go of the past.

So while Meri is still part of the Sister Wives family, it looks as if she’s not privy to the wifely perks that happen after sundown. But Kody Brown still has three homes where he can hang his hat or does he?

It looked like Kody’s love-life might have crumbled at one point during this Sister Wives season. Christine Brown appeared livid over this one big house and Robyn turns on the tears in the latest episode.

Then Kody makes a statement that he thinks someone is lying to him. While the scene was fleeting in the preview clip, it looks as if he was talking about one or a few of his Sister Wives.

Sister Wives -Brown Shaky State of Affairs

If this was a movie, the part where the husband grabs a pillow and a blanket to go sleep on the couch fits right into the last few episodes. But it’s not a movie and Kody Brown doesn’t have a couch of his own. The only one from his Sister Wives women backing him these days is Janelle Brown. So does Kody take refuge at Janelle’s place?

You can’t count on what you see on the preview to be the real deal. TLC sometimes creates drama with editing so you just don’t know for sure who Kody thought lied to him until the episode plays out.

While Christine looks broken up and Robyn is trembling with tears, you just don’t know where this leads. But from what the TLC preview of Sunday night’s Sister Wives seems to suggest, Kody Brown’s relationships are on shaky grounds.

So schedule with wives and bedrooms might have some problems rotating these days. The only one completely out of the clear and on Kody’s side seems to be Janelle.

He’s already admitted to taking Meri’s house out of the Sister Wives‘ equation. So where does this lead him today, at Janelle’s place or is this just a little bit of scripted drama and things go back to usual when the cameras go dark?

Sister Wives rolls out a new episode on TLC Sunday nights at 10 pm EST.

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