‘Sister Wives’: Messy Christine Brown Photo Triggers Fans to Shame Her

Sister Wives celeb Christine Brown shared a DIY project photo but fans honed in on something and shamed her for what they saw. The pictures were of Christine’s messy mudroom and supplies to tidy it up. But Sister Wives enthusiasts zoned in on something and called her out. See what caused all the fuss for Kody Brown’s wife.

Sister Wives: Unashamed Christine Brown Shows Off Mess

It seems Christine Brown from Sister Wives is in an organizing mood. But, this project looks like more than just a lack of organization. In fact, it’s a flat out mess. Christine’s two pics seem intended to show the area she’s tackling and her tools.

Because, Christine Brown stocked up on a lot of products for her DIY organizing project. The third of the Sister Wives loaded the back of her car with all types of organizing gizmos. Christine came home with shelves, baskets, and bins.

It looks like it’s all designed to tackle the chaos in her mudroom. Now, Christine Brown just needs to get them from the car into the house and start the job. So, it seems the Sister Wives moms will be busy getting her house in order. But, fans looked deeper…

Sister Wives: Christine Brown

Fans Don’t Mind the Mess – But They Object to One Thing

The photo of Christine Brown’s mudroom shows a cabinet overrun with things crammed haphazardly inside. It looks like Christine just piled things on top of one another and shut the door on the disorder. But, the Sister Wives star opened it up for fans.

No doubt, the first photo is the “before” picture. Then, the shelving is phase one. So, perhaps she’ll soon post “after” pictures? While most fans enjoyed Christine Brown sharing her do-it-yourself project, some looked deeper at the photo.

Peering in the background of Sister Wives pics offer insights. Things not meant to be shown can jump out. A bedroom photo might show a ton of medicine on a nightstand. Or a kitchen shot may show a pile of dirty dishes not meant to be seen.

Remember the condom spotted on Robyn Brown’s nightstand a while back started a frenzy. Not only with the other wives — but with fans as well. This time, the fans questioned something plastic – not rubber – found in a Sister Wives‘ photo.

Sister Wives: Plastic Shaming From Fans

With Christine Brown’s latest post, fans spotted the plastic water bottles. Then, she got comments about them being “bad for the environment” and asking why she’s still buying them.

So, Christine’s DIY Sister Wives project turned into a little plastic bottle shaming session. That picture also offers info on Christine’s family life. Most people probably wouldn’t show off such a messy spot. But, it seems Christine Brown is braver than most.

It looks like the chaotic cabinet is a catch-all for everything from clothes to an electric cooker that was tossed in like an afterthought. It landed on its side on top of clothing and other items. And will that half-eaten bags of chips get finished off or tossed?

But, everyone has that one drawer, closet or cabinet where they throw things they don’t want to deal with. So, bravo to Christine Brown on being real about her Sister Wives home — and sharing her plans to get it tidied up.

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