‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Prolongs the Agony – Needs Damage Control

Sister Wives star Christine Brown can put an end to all the hoopla over the sudden change in her looks but so far she offers nothing. This celeb from the TLC Sister Wives series became the focus of many of the show’s viewers over the last few days and it appears this continues today.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Needs One-Click Quick Fix

During this latest hiatus between Sister Wives seasons, Christine is one of the four wives who kept in touch with the show’s followers. For months the viewers praised her for dropping a bunch of weight and taking care of herself.

But a recent video that surfaced with Christine doing yet another promo suddenly showed a different appearing Christine Brown. That flood of praise came to a screeching halt as Sister Wives followers thought she didn’t appear at all like herself.

It’s not hard to see the drastic change in the number three Sister Wives lady. But the question from her fans today is just how did this happen seemingly overnight?

Sister Wives - Christine Brown

Girl Next Door Pops Up With Drastic Change?

This new look on Sister Wives number three has her followers split into two camps today. First, concern surfaces, after all, Christine seemed to worry about money during the break between seasons. Now she’s looking for even more cash by promoting another product in this video.

So, this Sister Wives group of enthusiasts worries about her health. Does that latest picture show the results of stress on this mom of six? She appears thinner in this photo as compared to others posted recently. So, the fans worry that she’s not eating.

Now the other side chimes in with accusations of Christine Brown going overboard. Not with dieting but with enhancing her latest photo. It appears she accentuates her facial features with more makeup than fans are used to seeing on her.

This Sister Wives group thinks Christine attempted to doll up and went too far. Some even suggest the fans might be eyeing the results of Botox. Or perhaps some type of minor non-evasive procedure that didn’t do its job of making things appear better.

Although, it wasn’t all that long ago when a very tired-looking Christine got the same type of feedback from the photos below. Maybe this time she decided to spruce things up and just went a tad too far?

Sister Wives: Christine Brown

Sister Wives: Wife Number Three Pulls Off Impossible Feat?

A few Sister Wives viewers took the rational approach to what some folks see today in these video images of Christine Brown. This Sister Wives celebrity usually posts photos of herself at least once or twice a week. Last week’s photos demonstrate she still appears like her regular self.

So, considering these changes seemed to pop up overnight, this new image is probably not the result of any permanent beauty procedure. It seems some fans just chalk Christine’s rather drastic look up to her makeup, choice of clothing, and the lighting used in this video.

The oddest part of all of this is that Christine has the fix to stop this chatter at her fingertips. By just offering a recent photo up to those who follow Sister Wives, this mystery is solved. But so far it appears that this is not the path this lady intends to follow.

Until she offers proof that she’s the same Christine Brown by offering up another photo, this chatter will probably continue. With a new season about to roll out any time now, maybe there’s a reason she lets the debate go on.

Despite some disparaging comments made about the way she appears in the screenshots above, there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Or at least, that’s what “they” say. So maybe the third wife of Kody Brown banks on this.

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