‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Busting with Pride over Six Mini-Me’s [New Pic]

Sister Wives star Christine Brown has some strong genes, as one fan puts it after seeing what her brood of six kids look like today. Her photos during the hiatus between seasons tell a story about this Sister Wives home. One thing you can never say about Christine Brown’s parenting style is that the children are seen but not heard in the house of this Sister Wives mom.

Sister Wives – Anything Goes With Christine Brown

Christine is the Sister Wives fun mom from all appearances. Kody Brown calls her his “fun wife” and it seems she practices that fun theme with her kids as well.

At Christine’s house, her Sister Wives‘ kids seem to have the run of the place. Her youngest, Truely, is only 10 and she likes to cook, experiment, and create crafts. Many times all this creativeness leaves a mess in her wake. But this doesn’t seem to faze Christine.

Even when her teen daughter, Ysabel Brown, takes a running jump at the Christmas tree, Christine captures it on video. When her teen bear hugs the tree and she topples over with it, this Sister Wives parent doesn’t stop filming.

That running jump at the tree happened last Christmas. This Christmas her same daughter broke a glass ornament. Then Christine stepped on the glass and couldn’t remove a splinter in her foot.

She then scrambled over to Janelle Brown’s house to get it removed. Logan Brown did the procedure as he was home visiting his mom for the holidays. But As long as the kids look happy, this mother does too.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Daughter Ysabel Topples Tree


Kody Brown Is Her World

Christine said that she made Kody the most important person in her world since the day she married him. The third wife from the Sister Wives clan seems to feel that she’s on her own a lot. She shared her thoughts on this in a book that the adults in this plural marriage penned years back.

Now that the majority of her kids are young adults, this Sister Wives lady has built-in companionship. But is this enough for this Christine, who volleyed for Kody’s attention throughout the Sister Wives series? It appears the kids got plenty of attention as Christine seemed to make up for the dad they get every four days. It looks like she spends a ton of time with her kids.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown's Children

Sister Wives: Time Flies And Kids Grow

Christine is a proud mom of six kids and this Sister Wives mother was thrilled to have them all with her for a few days. The bigger kids came home for the holidays and posed with their younger siblings in the pic above.

It seems the comments from her fans suggest her Sister Wives offspring all take after her in the looks department. Since both their mom and dad are blonds, you’d expect this sea of light hair. But fans thought the facial features of the kids favored their mother more than they do Kody.

Christine Brown’s kids from left to right above… Hunter, Aspyn, Mykelti, Ysabel, and Gwendlyn all in the back row. Then there’s Truely, the baby of the third wife’s family, smack dab front and center in the photo. Aspyn married Mitch Thompson and Mykelti married Tony Padron, as this mom has two married children with her first biological grandchild on the way. Mykelti and Tony’s baby girl is due in March.

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