‘Sister Wives’: Did Christine Brown Pitch a Tent and Drag Trampoline to Coyote Pass?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown is the one wife with a tendency to spout off more “leaks” than her co-wives and Kody Brown combined. So when the trending scuttlebutt refers to Christine revealing a hint that she now lives on Coyote Pass, ears perk up.”

While fans think Christine moved to the Pass, recent clues may surprise them. Those clues seem to point to the family not living in Flagstaff much longer.

Sister Wives – Christine Brown is Family Leaker?

After all, Christine Brown revealed the answer to the recent big question kept under wraps. That question – “Is Sister Wives coming back with a new season?” Her first slip came during a live stent online. She mentioned this as she sold the LuLaRoe brand to her group on the screen.

During her live show she “slipped” and said filming already started for the next season. Once she let the cat out of the bag, the next time fans asked her during another live sale, she had no choice. She told the fans she already said they were filming, so she couldn’t say anything but yes. So, it seems Christine Brown confirmed a Sister Wives Season 15.

While nothing official came down from TLC’s head honchos about a new season, Christine even offered up more Sister Wives filming details. It seems they’ve found a way to do this during the nation’s isolating procedures due to the pandemic.

She also added more evidence when describing their filming schedule. The Sister Wives series films one week on and one week off. So if the family moved to Coyote Pass, history indicates there’s a good chance you’d hear it from Christine Brown first.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Meri Brown - Robyn Brown - Kody Brown - Janelle Brown

The Third Wife’s Confusing Location?

Sister Wives enthusiasts can’t wait to see what happens to the Brown family especially when it comes to Coyote Pass. During this late spring weather, it seems Christine and her arm of the Sister Wives clan hang outside a lot.

This co-wife also shares an ample amount of pictures depicting her daily activities on social media. Her outside pictures offer beautiful scenery as far as the eye can see. It also looks a lot like Coyote Pass probably because you can just about see their land from the house Christine lives in.

During the previous Sister Wives season, Christine shared with the fans just how close she was to Coyote Pass. So, did she move there or not? Fans across social media seem to think so as questions about her living location pop up almost daily on social media.

In the photo above, Kody and his four wives have a picnic dinner at Coyote Pass, on a blanket without a house around. From what the fans in the Flagstaff area have said on social media, nothing is built on the Sister Wives land.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown


Sister Wives – Looks Like Christine Brown Set Up Camp?

It seems the only way Christine Brown could call Coyote Pass her home today is if she pitched a tent. First of all, as soon as the first shovel-full of dirt turns over on their land, some eagle-eyed fan out there will spot it. That hasn’t happened yet.

While their plans for their building lots still seemed up in the air at the close of last season, a year has gone by since they filmed those scenes. It might feel like a couple of months, going back to the last Sister Wives episode to air. But they filmed that season over a year ago.

So, here it is a year later and from all reports, Coyote Pass still sits vacant. Sure, Christine Brown looks like she’s there as the scenery seems to offer a clue, but she’s not. One of her recent backyard photos has a trampoline set up and the kids jumping on it.

That photo shows her backyard at the same house she owns and lives in since moving to Flagstaff. She didn’t throw up a tent and drag a trampoline to their vacant lots. Although out of all the wives, she might be the one most likely to do that. Christine Brown is Kody Brown’s “fun” wife and full of adventure.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Coyote Pass Problems?

The Sister Wives family is financially going through tough times. This hasn’t improved since the last season ended. Kody Brown said he was losing sleep over their dilemma when he barged into Meri Brown’s house while she did a live LuLaRoe sale online. He said his stress level is through the roof.

Before the close of the last season, Kody learned from his lawyer that his Coyote Pass land was a gold mine. His enthusiasm was cut short as the Sister Wives ladies stopped him in his tracks from discussing his new idea. Either build and rent out the properties or sell and move again.

Utah has always been the place that feels like home for Kody Brown. Now with the laws changed, polygamous families won’t live in fear of prosecution. A fan spotted Christine and a few of the Brown kids in St. George, Utah, a few weeks ago.

Since the nation’s stay-at-home plan was in place back then, it had to be pretty important for Christine Brown and the kids to travel to Utah. Maybe the other Brown family members were also there and just not spotted.

So, is it possible that this family will tote their belongings inside U-Haul trucks once more? Will the co-wives take on the task of packing to move from Flagstaff to St. George?

Hey, this is Kody Brown at the helm, so you just never know. But Christine Brown is not living on Coyote Pass that is unless she’s pitched a tent for that large family of hers.

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