‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Piled-Up on in New Episode – Not Pretty Picture [Video]

Sister Wives celeb Christine Brown ups the emotional ante when she doesn’t get her own way in the next episode to roll out on TLC. Up until now, Christine stated her case to Kody Brown and her fellow co-wives. But it looks like she hits a roadblock when the Sister Wives unofficial voting begins on that one big house.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Pushes the Envelope

It seems Christine Brown finds that she might not be in the minority when it comes time to toss in a vote. On the new preview video, the faces on the Sister Wives adults get very serious.

Two of Christine Brown’s co-wives seem to lean toward Kody’s plan once you hear what they say. It sounds like Meri Brown and Janelle Brown are both on board. But you might find something different when Meri finishes what she has to say. You won’t hear that until the new episode hits the screen.

Janelle sounds like she’s all for it. She not only admits that she’s okay with it, but she advocates for the family to build that one shared house.

TLC’s editing of the Sister Wives plays a part in this promo video. Robyn looks worried and states “that’s a big decision”. She shares that in a fleeting moment from a scene. So you don’t get a good feel of where she sits with Kody’s request like you do with Christine Brown.

No Assuming With Christine Brown

On the other hand, Meri looks curious and she makes a comment during another Sister Wives meeting. While it sounds as if she may side with Kody’s idea, her comment looks unfinished.  Meri Brown chimes in “I can see how it could work” but you don’t hear what she said before or after that statement.

That’s a loaded quote from Meri thanks to the editing job at TLC. Meri could follow it with a “but” and then state that it’s not for her. Or she could follow the comment with an “and,” then finish it off with how she’d like to try it. So the Sister Wives jury is out for both Robyn and Meri. Saying they sway either way on this house would only be pure speculation.

For Christine, living under one roof hampers her intimacy with Kody Brown. This is something Kody Brown also addressed on the last Sister Wives episode. So Christine plants her feet with a vote of “no” for one big house.

When it comes to Janelle and Christine Brown there’s absolutely no assuming. They are completely on opposite sides of this Sister Wives big house dilemma. They both state their case on the screen. Not to mention how Kody looks like a man worn out by all of this as he hangs his head into his hand.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Christine Brown - Robyn Brown - Kody Brown - Janelle Brown

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Won’t Stop – Fans Sick of It

Speaking of Kody Brown, it looks like this guy just doesn’t give up. After all the blowback he got from his first and second presentation attempt, he’s at it again. First, he ran the big house video for the entire family. A bunch of complaints followed that.

Then he made his second attempt at the Sister Wives Christmas dinner. He did that with the blueprints. But this still hit a sour note for a couple of wives. After all that, he makes a third attempt. This is the attempt that seemed to rocket Christine to a new level of angst.

For this new attempt, he only has his four Sister Wives spouses as a captive audience. As you can see from the video, this last presentation seems to really get under Christine’s skin. She looks desperate, near tears and very adamant that she is not going to live in one big house. This is Christine’s final say, or so she says.

This time around it looks as if Christine isn’t taking what the family wants into consideration. She is flat out against this house. So for how long will Christine carry on her campaign against Kody Brown’s castle?

It Looks Like Fans Throw In Towel On Housing Dilemma

As far as a good number of fans are concerned this big house saga has played itself out. They don’t care whether Christine Brown wants to live in the castle or not. Many fans don’t care who wants to live where at this point. They just want a different Sister Wives storyline to emerge.

Viewers’ comments want the Sister Wives to move on from this as it’s already taken up too much time. Besides, it looks like it’s all for nothing as Kody Brown already seemed to give away the end result. This filmed over a year ago. In real-time he’s let it slip a few times, their plan is to build “houses” on Coyote Pass.

Tune in to TLC for the Sister Wives next episode on February 9. The show skips this Sunday, February 2 due to the Super Bowl.

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