Sister Wives: Christine Brown Claims Kody Didn’t Abide by Her Wishes

Sister Wives star Christine Brown looks like a frustrated wife in the next episode when she suddenly realizes Kody Brown went against her wishes. The third wife in this Sister Wives plural marriage explains how she believes Kody has not been listening to what she’s said about communal living.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown is Usually Kody Brown’s Biggest Fan

On the new episode Sunday night, Christine Brown indicates she’s told Kody her thoughts about living in one house with the other wives. But Kody still rolls out his detailed presentation for this shared dwelling to show his family.

So, Christine Brown, along with the rest of the family, listens as Kody Brown shares his attempt to tighten up the Sister Wives’ living situation. But when he’s done, she too unleashes some of her thoughts.

It seems Christine is taken back with surprise that Kody revisits the one home idea. On the TLC preview, Christine said how it looks to her as if Kody didn’t hear her when it came to this idea in the past.

Christine Brown also states in the video below that she doesn’t want to live together again. But this is Sister Wives and the family has a leader. They all signed up for this and that leader is Kody Brown.

Through the decade of Sister Wives seasons, it’s easy to see Christine adores Kody Brown. Fans often comment on how Kody Brown’s third wife tends to hang on his every word. So when she steps out frustrated about his big house plans, the scenes can only get more interesting.

Two Look Promising for Kody Brown

It’s apparent that the Sister Wives’ father of 18 went to great lengths in the up and coming episode to prepare his big house presentation. In last week’s episode, Kody expressed how he spent a lot of time to prepare his castle sales pitch for his wives.

But in this new episode, it looks as if Kody Brown manages to possibly win over only 50 percent of the vote among the Sister Wives women. From the previews, it looks like two of his wives show positive responses to his one-shared dwelling dream.

But it also appears that two of his wives don’t, with one being Christine Brown. Janelle Brown spoke right up in favor of the Sister Wives family residing under one roof.  “The one-home thing appeals to me a lot, it always has, said Janelle Brown.

So it sounds as if his Sister Wives’ second wife is on Kody’s side. Meri Brown has questions but her demeanor in the preview suggests she may sway Kody’s way with this castle.

Sister Wives: Some Convincing Needed Here

Not only does Kody surprise Robyn Brown with his presentation, but she also looked frustrated as well. The youngest wife of the Sister Wives tribe said, “Ahh… I don’t know what to do with this right now”. But she never came out with a definite no. Only one wife made her stand against this clear – Christine Brown.

The wife who might surprise fans the most in the next episode is Christine Brown. She doesn’t seem to side with her husband for the Sister Wives camera. She doesn’t understand why Kody continued with these plans despite making her views clear to him. But it appears Kody puts on his leader hat once again when it comes to building his castle. Or at least he makes an attempt at doing so.

Kody sounds just as adamant about his big house as he was about the Flagstaff move. So, only time will tell if Kody Brown’s big house makes it off the drawing board and onto Coyote Pass.

Sister Wives airs new episodes on Sunday nights, so tune in to TLC at 10 pm EST to see where Kody Brown’s and his big house plans ends up.

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