‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown Slaps at Fans but They Bite Back

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown doesn’t usually ruffle the fans’ feathers but it seems she recently pushed the wrong buttons that did just that. Many viewers were stunned over the Brown family heated battle that surfaced on last Sunday’s episode. Two of the Sister Wives women and Kody Brown went head to head over who is assigned a certain building lot at Coyote Pass.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Takes It All In

Kody Brown, Meri Brown, and Robyn Brown argued over who would build on the new Sister Wives property with all the trees. Kody originally assigned it to Meri, who expressed her love for living among the trees earlier in the season.

But suddenly Meri didn’t want to live around the trees because she wanted sunlight to come through her windows. Both Janelle Brown and Christine Brown heard Meri tell Kody she changed her mind, but the Sister Wives matriarch denies this.

Then the verbal boxing gloves came out. Many of the online comments that followed this episode noted shock over Meri Brown’s behavior. But Janelle Brown called out the fans who pointed the finger at Robyn.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Comments

You Know Who You Are

Janelle Brown spoke to the viewers, addressing them as “you know who you are”. She said she had a “quick reminder” for just “a few of you”.  Janelle took issue with the fans who say “since Robyn came”.

To Janelle, this doesn’t make any sense because Robyn joined the family when Sister Wives started. So she’s been there since the show’s first season. But fans had another mindset about this.

Through the years, many fan’s comments indicate some Sister Wives viewers point the finger at Robyn. They suggest she changed the dynamics of the original Sister Wives family of three wives and Kody Brown. Apparently Janelle doesn’t see it that way. So, she stepped up to say her piece.

Sister Wives: Fans Don’t Back Down

While some fans agreed with Janelle, some didn’t. It’s unusual to see fans reprimand Janelle Brown but some hopped online to do just that. More than a few viewers reminded Janelle that they watched this family from the beginning of Sister Wives. They also reminded her of what they witnessed from watching the show.

The history passed along by the Sister Wives adults also played a part in people referring to “since Robyn came”. Through the decade of Sister Wives seasons and the social media posts, fans learned a lot about the family before Robyn came on board.

Some of the comments, like the few posted above, recall the concerns that surrounded their lives when Robyn became part of the family. One commenter reminds Janelle of how upset Christine became from Kody’s kiss with Robyn. This happened before they said their vows. This caused Christine Brown to break down in tears.

So Janelle is reminded that the Brown adults themselves painted a picture of how life was before Robyn and how it’s changed since she’s arrived.

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