‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown Has Cancer Surgery

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown today is recovering from cancer surgery. For almost a year she thought that a scar above her lip was just a scar.

However, after multiple attempts to minimize that scar with no success, Janelle finally made an appointment with her dermatologist. The Sister Wives celeb was scheduled to see her doctor just one day before the world was turned upside down with the Coronavirus outbreak and shutdowns.

So, of course, that appointment was canceled. However, thanks to technology, Janelle Brown was able to finally have her appointment. Telemedicine in Janelle’s case was a lifesaver.

Here’s what Sister Wives’ Kody Brown’s second wife went through with her recent cancer scare and what she learned about her type of cancer.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Shares Cancer Journey

Sister Wives alum Janelle Brown is recovering from surgery to remove a cancerous lesion off her lip. After almost a year of the over the counter and holistic remedies, she finally had a telemedicine appointment with her dermatologist mid-April.

Then after a biopsy was performed a week later it was determined the growth was in fact cancerous. So Janelle had it removed earlier this week. The reality star says she was worried about the pain of the procedure. She’s admitted to being a “big baby” when it comes to pain.

Thankfully, Janelle says the procedure was “so slick” and the discomfort was minimal considering the size of the lesion.

Sister Wives’s Janelle Brown says it will take a few weeks to heal. However, she also says the scaring will be minimal. The type of skin cancer Janelle Brown has is not likely to spread. So hopefully with the removal and aftercare, she won’t have another reoccurrence.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown

TLC Star Surprised By Her Diagnosis

Sister Wives’ mom of six Janelle Brown relayed her journey to fans in part to inform then of how common this particular skin cancer is. Janelle had basal cell carcinoma. This is the most common form of skin cancer. It is a very slow-growing cancer and causes minimal damage if treated early. Thankfully this cancer has a very high cure rate.

Janelle Brown assumed she had just a scar. In hindsight, the Sister Wives personality realizes she missed the early warning signs. She says she regrets waiting so long to see a doctor. Janelle thought the lesion was a cold sore scar. After all, it appeared in the same spot as similar sores over the decades. She adds, “I was never thinking to have it checked”.

Sister Wives: Skin Cancer Wakes Up Janelle Brown

Janelle Brown’s recent bout with skin cancer came as a surprise. The Sister Wives celeb says she’s bummed she’s waited so long. Also, skin cancer never figured into her mind before the diagnosis. Janelle’s fair-skinned. So she takes precautions while in the sun. She’s diligent to apply sunscreen, wears hats while in the sun, and wears a cover-up while at the beach or pool. She thought she was safe.

However, she now realizes she needs to be even more careful with her skin. Janelle Brown says that if she suspects anything out of the normal again she will not wait to see a doctor. She adds, ” if there is a next time because some skin cancers are not so forgiving”.

We all wish Janelle a speedy recovery from her cancer surgery and will make sure to take her to advise on prevention.

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