‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown Brings Home the Green – Kody Not Part of This Picture?

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown doesn’t seem as concerned as some fans do about Kody Brown‘s whereabouts today as she celebrates without him. The fans of the TLC reality series debate where Kody is hunkered down for this national stay-at-home event. But Janelle looks busy and content making her home comfy and fun for four of her six kids today.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Almost Has a Full House

The second wife in Kody Brown’s Sister Wives world has Savanah Brown, 15, Gabe Brown, 19, Garrison (Robert) Brown, 21, and 23-year-old Hunter Brown home with her today. Maddie Brown Brush, 24, is with her husband and kids in North Carolina.

Janelle’s son Logan Brown is not only her oldest son, but he’s the oldest of all Kody Brown’s kids. He doesn’t live at home. He will turn 26 later this month.

So with the nation-wide stay-at-home-protocols in place, Janelle’s house contains four of her six kids. But with three strapping young men and a growing teenage girl at home, this Sister Wives mom needs to provide a full table of food. On top of that, she also needs to keep them occupied.

Janelle’s stay-at-home posts demonstrate the kids having a ball. Janelle writes how it feels like the Christmas holiday with the kids home. She loves that they’re under one roof at night and playing board games to occupy their time.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown


Janelle Brown Supplies the Green All On Her Own

This Sister Wives mother shows that she knows how to provide the green to her Flagstaff home. Janelle even posted the site online so people in her area can bring home the green along with a few other colors.

Since the farmers’ market is closed, Janelle found a new way to get fresh fruits and vegetables for her family. She drives out to the farms who have her pre-ordered produce ready and she picks it up. So, Janelle Brown might be stuck at home with her big kids, but they eat healthy stuff.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Tucked Away Somewhere?

Then there’s Kody Brown. His picture hasn’t graced the Sister Wives social media pages these days.  If he was at Christine Brown’s house you would probably see a few posts from his third wife with him front and center.

It seems that Christine never misses a chance to show off her time with her Sister Wives’ shared husband.  Meri has made it very clear that she’s alone with her daughter’s pup Mosby. Mariah Brown, Meri’s only child, recently shared online how the dog stays with her mom these days. Meri posted plenty of pictures to prove that for sure.

Robyn Brown is not one for social media posts over the last year or so, ever since her online store closed. She offered a few posts during last season’s episodes, but not for any length of time. The majority of the Sister Wives fans seem to believe Kody Brown is at Robyn’s house most of the time over the last several weeks.

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