‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown Is Only Wife Unscathed – Kept Her Eyes Wide Open Going In

Sister Wives celeb Janelle Brown emerged without battle wounds, unlike her three co-wives after Kody Brown’s antics in the last season. Janelle seemed to surface from the last season as the only wife untouched by the wrath of her shared husband. She also didn’t become a target of the other ladies as her co-wives tempers hit new heights.

The second wife of Kody Brown also skirted the nasty comments from the fans, unlike her husband and three co-wives. It looks like the one person from this Sister Wives show who came through a rough season untarnished is Janelle Brown.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Knew the Ground Rules

Janelle admitted in the book written by the five Brown spouses that when she entered the Sister Wives family Kody didn’t love her like a wife. She also said that she didn’t love Kody as a wife does her husband.

While there’s definitely love between the two today, it doesn’t sound like the heated romantic type of love. Instead, it seems more like the kind of love shared between family members. But – Janelle and Kody had six kids together.

To go forth and make as many babies as you can, seems to be one of the mottos of the Sister Wives‘ religious beliefs. So there was some intimacy between Janelle and Kody.

Still, what Janelle describes in the family’s published book, The Making of Sister Wives, she walked into this marriage with Kody knowing what to expect from him. But it sounds as if she was the only Sister Wives woman to follow the original plan.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Christine Brown - Kody Brown - Janelle Brown - Robyn Brown

Kody Brown Is the Leader

Saying that Kody Brown leads this family and allowing him to lead are two different things. From the beginning, a couple of the wives had issues with their husband’s infatuation for Robyn Brown. While that started before Robyn married Kody, it still seems to surface at times.

When the youngest wife entered this Sister Wives plural marriage, she claimed it was the total package that she wanted. Robyn was in love with the family dynamics of having three co-wives in this Sister Wives lifestyle.

But she didn’t behave that way when it came to Kody. Reports online put Robyn monopolizing Kody’s time. Still, it’s not known if it is Robyn orchestrating this or if it’s all Kody’s decision on which wife he spends the most time with.

On the season that just came to an end, Christine Brown, Meri Brown, and Robyn Brown all seemed to compete for Kody Brown’s attention. Janelle never appeared to do that. The other three wives also felt the wrath of Kody Brown. Then at times, they turned on each other. But Janelle stayed away from that.

Christine was her husband’s list for nixing the one big house. From Christen’s own report, he stayed angry with her over that for quite some time. Robyn fought with her shared husband over renting vs buying a house. Many tears shed over that event.

Then Meri was belittled and demeaned by Kody who basically said she tricked him into marrying her. During their counseling session, he said some horrific things.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown - Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Janelle Stayed True to Her Vows?

Janelle wasn’t in Kody’s scope when it came to anger during the last Sister Wives season. She also went along with most of Kody’s wishes when the other wives didn’t.

It seems Janelle Brown had her eyes wide-open when joining Kody Brown as his second wife in the Sister Wives polygamous marriage. And while all the wives said they did, there were times, especially during this last season, where they bucked the leader of their pack.

As women in 2020, many viewers believed they needed to push back on Kody. But they agreed to live this way within this marriage. They allowed their husband to take the helm.

The Sister Wives co-wives also agreed to go along with him on his journeys in life. Granted, he probably didn’t plan things through before heading on a few of those journeys. But never-the-less, four women agreed this is what their marriage would look like.

Then three of them pushed back on Kody when he stepped up to lead. Again, it’s not that any woman should follow their husband blindly but this is what they agreed upon when marrying the man. Janelle was the only wive who stood behind Kody in most circumstances, like his big house.

She’s a Fan Favorite

Janelle Brown is a fan favorite because she doesn’t fall into all the drama like the rest of the adults in her family. She also doesn’t rub Kody or her Sister Wives the wrong way.

Janelle Brown seems pretty secure with who she is and most of her time she appears to devote to her kids. She doesn’t seem to sweat the small stuff and in turn, she keeps herself out of the range of becoming a target by Kody, her co-wives, and the fans.

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