‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown Doesn’t Want Kody to Call Her ‘Love’ – Like He Calls Robyn

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown recently answered a fan who asked why Kody Brown calls Robyn Brown “love” but not any of his other wives. Over the last few Sister Wives episodes, Kody Brown turned to Robyn and called her “love”. He did this several times while on camera.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Wants None of that ‘Love’

It seems viewers immediately picked up on this. That’s only because the Sister Wives patriarch doesn’t make it a habit to use terms of endearment on camera. You don’t see him using sappy romantic words toward the women he married.

So why is Robyn Brown so special? Well, apparently she’s not according to what Janelle had to say. The second wife of Kody Brown shared that Kody calls her “sweetheart. Janelle also added that she doesn’t want to be called “love”.

Janelle Brown didn’t elaborate on why she doesn’t want the Sister Wives leader to call her this. But it may be one of several reasons. First of all, sweetheart is something more traditional for the folks in the US.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown - Kody Brown

Too Sappy or Already Assigned By Kody Brown?

You often hear couples refer to their spouse as sweetheart or honey. So maybe Janelle thinks it sounds funny to call someone “love”. Or maybe she associates this term of endearment with Kody and Robyn. So, it’s possible she would rather not be called the same name.

Kody Brown refers to Robyn Brown as “love” and Janelle Brown as his “sweetheart”. But nothing was said about his pet names for Christine or Meri. But the Sister Wives fans wondered since Janelle and Robyn have separate pet names if Kody by chance mixes them up by mistake.

Most parents with one or more kids would probably admit there’s been one time or another when they blurted out the wrong child’s name. So, that probably works the same for a man with a bunch of wives, like with Sister Wives.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown - Robyn Brown


Robyn Brown Can Have ‘Love’

Kody might mean to say Janelle but Christine comes out instead. There’s probably a good chance that might happen. So, in the Sister Wives‘ case sticking with terms of endearment might be easier for Kody as they’re universal.

But if Kody does what Janelle Brown seems to suggest and assign the individual Sister Wives with their own romantic pet name he’s back at square one. So he has the same odds of messing up these nick names as he would if he just used their names.

While Janelle doesn’t want to be called love, it’s hard to imagine that Kody Brown can always keep the names straight. But at least in his case, the other women know about each other.

So, it’s not like a husband who has a bunch of girlfriends on the side playing a dangerous game. At least if the Sister Wives husband blurbs out another wife’s name, he’s covered. He may have to apologize but no one caught him in an extramarital affair as they all know about each other. That seems like yet another perk of being in this Sister Wives plural marriage.

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