‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Overuses Sappy Term of Passion for Robyn – Recipe for a Mess?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown suddenly starts referring to Robyn Brown with a term that sounds rather awkward when it sprouts from his mouth. It’s not a term of endearment that he’s used for any of his other wives while on the show. Apparently it’s special for Robyn.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Starts Something New With Robyn Brown?

It looks like Kody Brown borrows this saying from the people across the pond. When the citizens of the UK use it, the words sound rather natural. But when Kody turns to Robyn Brown and changes his facial expression to call her this, it sounds kind of strained more so than natural.

So what did the Sister Wives patriarch call his youngest wife, not once, but several times on the TLC episodes lately? “Love,” – Kody for some reason now refers to Robyn Brown as “love”.  The only thing missing from these scenes is a little angel with a harp popping up playing heavenly cords.

It doesn’t appear to be music to Robyn’s ears when her shared husband gushes the word “love” instead of Robyn. US couples have a few traditional terms of endearment they use when talking to each other.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Robyn Brown

Only One Wife Gets the ‘Love’ Talk?

Hun, honey, sweetheart, babe, and even baby are some of the many terms used frequently in this country between couples. But calling Robyn Brown “love” isn’t really a problem even if it does sound sappy. Since she’s the only one he aims this at on the show, this may also make the other wives feel left out.

Robyn and her shared husband seem more like a couple lately than two participants in this Sister Wives plural marriage. They fight like they don’t have any other partners to concern themselves with.

But although Kody Brown talks to the other Sister Wives in a kind manner, he doesn’t shoot any lovey-dovey stuff their way. Not while the Sister Wives cameras roll anyway.

Maybe somewhere in the past he might have offered up a term of endearment to one or more of the other wives. But this thing with Robyn is becoming frequent. It’s emerged from Kody’s mouth several times this season.

Kody Brown seems to do this when he’s arguing with Robyn Brown. It’s almost as if he wants to pet her a bit while attempting to get her to see things his way.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown - Robyn Brown

 Sister Wives: Robyn Not the Only Source of Jealousy

The Sister Wives ladies have shown some jealousy through the decade of seasons on TLC. When Robyn first joined the family, the jealousy ran wild. But Robyn isn’t the only one who is the object of jealousy. Above is a screenshot of Robyn Brown and Janelle Brown. Check out their faces as well as their body language.

You can’t see this in the shot, but they sit across the table from Christine Brown and Meri Brown. Just the four ladies gathered for a Sister Wives lunch date. Everything was going great at lunch until… Kody called Christine.

As Christine talks to their shared husband, it looks like the other Sister Wives gals become perturbed. It’s easy to spot this on Robyn’s face and Janelle isn’t looking happy either. In this scene, Meri Brown was also sullen-looking as Christine giggled while talking to Kody on the phone.

This scene came from a few seasons back. But it demonstrates how the Sister Wives women don’t appreciate any special treatment Kody may offer one of the wives. So as Kody calls Robyn “love”, does this fester among the other wives?

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