‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown’s Sanitizing Station and Cardboard Attire Revealed [Photos]

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown‘s latest post seems to offer an open-ended story as she continues her stay-at-home journey today. A quick glimpse of her Sister Wives posts reveals no one is thinking outside of the box. Not when the box is wedged on their heads. But it looks like Janelle is very invested in keeping her family safe and entertained.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Captures Stay-At-Home Moment

With Hunter Brown home after graduating from the Air Force Academy, this brings three of Janelle’s four strapping young men together. Janelle Brown is the Sister Wives mom with the most sons.

The only son missing out of the Sister Wives brothers in the photo is Logan Brown. Gabriel Brown, Robert Garrison Brown, and Hunter make up the rambunctious trio at Janelle’s house right now. With Maddie Brown Brush married and living in another state, the only girl at home is Savanah Brown.

Janelle writes in this post “Stay at home kids find creative ways to entertain themselves”. With Hunter sitting in front of the keyboard and his brothers behind him, this could work as a spoof for homeschooling. In today’s world, it’s the only type of education going on right now across the nation.

Sister Wives - Hunter Brown -Gabriel Brown - Robert Garrison Brown


What’s New This Season In Soda Box Attire?

It appears the three boys might still be wearing their sleepwear, as Gabe looks to be sporting pajamas. One thing is for sure, these Sister Wives sons found a new use for soda boxes.

It seems Gabe wears the latest from the lemon-lime brand of Sprite, matching his brother Robert. Then there’s Hunter who dares to be different. He’s wearing the latest packaging from the Coca-Cola Zero brand on top of his head.

While old-fashion fun with boxes goes on at this Sister Wives humble abode it’s still infiltrated by modern technology. It looks like these three young men still have their modern tech devices within reach. So you could say this photo is a cross-over between old-fashion and modern-day fun.

Sister Wives; Hunter Brown


Sister Wives: Every Picture Tells a Story

Okay, so what story does Janelle Brown tell with this Sister Wives photo? The first thing that may come to mind is – the kids are going stir-crazy staying at home.

Still, they have to get an A+ in creativity for using things found around the house. But if you look just a bit further into the room, beyond the boys, there’s more to this story.

With the number of locks on the door behind Janelle Brown’s sons, it looks as if that’s a way to get outside. So, what does this Sister Wives celeb keep near the entrance to her home these days? If you look closely it appears that’s a pump bottle of hand sanitizer at the ready.

It also appears that Janelle might have scarfs, masks, or gloves folded next to the sanitizer. So, it seems this mom of six is ready with a sanitizing station for the family. If you look real close, there’s charcoal behind the boys. Maybe Janelle’s ready to liven things up with a cookout for the family.

Then there’s the dog leash hanging on the wall. It seems this Sister Wives mother’s organizational skills get an A+ as well. The leash is right where you want it when it’s time to take out the pup.

So, it appears the second wife of Kody Brown equipped her house for the nation’s stay-at-home event. She’s thought of everything from fun activities right down to a make-shift sanitizing station by the door.

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