‘Sister Wives’: What Janelle Brown Finds Sparks Biggest Fight Ever In Family?

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown appears to sit in the middle of the biggest fight this family has ever had. But first, a major family decision is made. Veteran viewers of this TLC reality show have been privy to some heated drama among the spouses in the past.

But the Sister Wives previews indicate that this new battle is the first to offer up such intensity between the Sister Wives spouses. TLC has been known to take liberties with previews when it comes to editing.

Fans tune-in expecting to see one thing shown in the Sister Wives previews. Yet, something different pops up. But the TLC previews promise turmoil like never before seen within the Brown family in the next few episodes.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Crunches the Numbers?

Kody Brown dropped a few hints on social media over the past few months. A few “slips” suggested where the family ended up with his one big house idea. Finally, it looks like the Sister Wives castle circled the drain long enough. The TLC previews suggest the wives get their four individual homes.

Janelle is the wife who crunches the numbers. Viewers know that Janelle Brown usually has a handle on the Sister Wives fiances. But it looks like a new set of calculations falls into Janelle’s lap within the next few episodes. It seems this new set of numbers whips up a firestorm with Meri Brown, Robyn Brown, and Kody Brown.

So, Meri, Robyn, and Kody are the three major players in this chaos about to unfold. While the previews state all the members of this Sister Wives plural marriage are at each other’s throats, it is not known if sides form. But it does sound as if Janelle Brown remains neutral and possibly becomes the voice of reason for the family once again.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown

Battle Breaks Wide-Open

Now that the plans point to the Sister Wives building individual homes, it’s time to pick Coyote Pass parcels. But after all the pushback Kody experienced from his wives over the big house, he’s jaded over polygamy these days.

The patriarch didn’t he get to have his family all under one roof. So Kody questions the family’s dedication to polygamy. Especially since the next battle doesn’t seem to reflect the makings of plural marriage as well.

Kody claims love should be multiplied and not divided. Sister Wives fans heard this motto from Kody through the decade of this TLC series. But it appears this family becomes very divided when it comes to which wife gets which parcel of land.

Janelle Brown worries that the whole family won’t have access to what they consider a focal point of their Coyote Pass property. That focal point is the Brown family pond which materialized after rainstorm a few episodes back.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Pond or Rain Water Gathering Cow Poop?

From what the Sister Wives preview suggests, it looks as if Janelle Brown takes a look at the property. Janelle’s worries center on the division of the plots. The way it looks now is that each wife won’t have access to the pond from their building lot.

It’s not as if it offers scenic value to the homes as it’s more like a huge puddle. The Sister Wives adults didn’t want their kids in that water the first time the pond formed. They claimed it was full of manure.

But apparently the Sister Wives ladies care enough about what each parcel of land offers because the previews claim a huge fight ensues over the parcels. The previews indicate they now fight over which wife gets which plot of land on Coyote Pass. It also sounds as if Janelle’s worries over not enough pond to go around might spark this latest battle.

Janelle Brown Skirts Family Drama?

As far as Kody and his disillusions over polygamy these days, it sounds like the battle of the land brings even more doubt to the father of 18 kids. It appears as if polygamy is no longer in harmony with the Browns.

It also sounds like Janelle Brown might distance herself from all this, evident in the preview video above. She doesn’t show up that often with her three co-wives in the same clip. But it does look like over the next few episodes that this once tight-knit plural marriage is unraveling.

Tune in to TLC Sunday night at 10 pm EST for the next new episode, “Doubting Polygamy”.

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