‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Out As Listing Agent – Brown Family Slashes Home Prices

Sister Wives news reveal that Janelle Brown is no longer the listing agent for her house. Finally, all four Brown family Las Vegas homes are now up for sale. Meri Brown and Robyn Brown’s homes are new on the market while Janelle’s and Christine’s have been relisted with a new realtor. Apparently, Janelle is out as the family Realtor. Why have the Browns elected to hire a new Realtor to represent them when Janelle is licensed in the state of Nevada?

Sister Wives: The Brown Cul-de-Sac Of Dreams Is Up For Sale

Kody Brown decided it was time for his clan to leave the bright lights of Las Vegas, Nevada for the more tranquil mountains of Flagstaff, Arizona. The Browns left their cul-de-sac of dreams behind for a slower paced life. However, they left Nevada with the unfinished business of selling their homes.

Janelle Brown is a licensed Realtor in Nevada and originally listed her sister-wife Christine’s home in June 2018. Her own home came on the market a few weeks later. After several price reductions neither home sold. Janelle did all the right things that a good agent does to market a home. She had multiple pictures attached to the listing, did an open house, and had the home on several top real estate websites.

Sadly she was unsuccessful in procuring a buyer for either her house or Christine’s. Robyn and Meri Brown’s houses stayed off the market in the interim. This was probably to set a comparable price and sell theirs for more money. Indeed a good strategy.  However, the once red-hot Las Vegas real estate cooled down and The Browns’ homes went without as much as a nibble.

Janelle Brown Out As Family Realtor

There are several reasons why Janelle Brown is not the listing agent anymore for her and Christine Brown’s houses and why collectively they all hired a new Realtor to sell their houses. First and foremost, it is widely frowned upon in the industry for a seller to represent themselves. Buyers just don’t feel comfortable and of course, there’s increased liability.

Second, perhaps Janelle Brown is in the process of transferring her real estate career to Arizona from Nevada. She very well might need the time to focus on studying for and passing her exams to practice in another state. Hiring another broker to sell would allow her to focus on her new career goals and allow a local broker the ability to do the job while she and her sister wives adjust to life in Flagstaff.

Kody Brown And Wives Having Financial Woes?

Sister Wives patriarch Kody Brown may be experiencing financial stress as their houses sit on the market. It’s quite expensive to maintain four homes while waiting to be sold. He also has the burden of paying for living expenses for four rental homes in Arizona.

Did The Browns overextend themselves financially? They purchased 15 acres in Flagstaff and a commercial building for filming their TLC series. But perhaps it would have been smarter financially to sell their homes before relocating. Definitely, it would provide greater stability to sell before buying more real estate.

Browns Aggressively Slash List Prices On Las Vegas Homes

The Browns slashed their asking price on all four Nevada houses . Originally Christine Brown’s home came on the market at $675,000. After 184 days unsold and multiple price reductions, today it’s listed at $614,900. Janelle Brown’s house first listed for $649,000 and is now  at $599,900.

Robyn Brown’s house came in at $619,900 and Meri Brown’s entered the market at $599,000. The Browns stand to clear well over $100,000 profit on each of their homes. Money that will surely help replenish the bank account after spending $820,000 on their Flagstaff land. Then again, they haven’t sold the properties yet…

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