Sister Wives: Janelle In NC on Baby Watch as Maddie Attempts to Induce Labor Naturally?

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown is in North Carolina with Maddie Brown Brush as she’s just about to give birth to a baby girl any time now. Maddie shared a little bit of how she’s working through her later-stage of pregnancy. It looks like she took up the ritual of eating the fruit dates to give her a jump start with labor in a recent post of her own.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Ready and Waiting With Maddie Brown Brush

Maddie Brown Brush and her husband Caleb Brush expect their second child any day now. Their new baby daughter will be welcomed by her big brother, 2-year-old Axel Brush. It seems the Sister Wives kids grew up on camera as the show spanned almost a decade so far. For that reason, it seems that Maddie Brown was just a kid herself not too long ago.

While being at Maddie’s house Janelle Brown will get to meet her new granddaughter the day she’s born. But in the meantime, she gets to enjoy one of her other favorite things to do while she’s there. That’s hanging out with Axel, who Janelle got to see almost daily when the entire Sister Wives tribe lived in Vegas.

Sister Wives: Maddie Brown Brush - Axel Brush

Maddie Not Looking Too Happy Eating Dates

Maddie posted a photo of herself putting a date in her mouth. She called it her third date of the day. But this Sister Wives daughter also made it clear that she’s “not a fan” of the little pieces of dried out fruit. So why is she eating these if she’s not particularly fond of the dried up fruit?

Studies suggest eating dates in the later stages of pregnancy may help induce labor. So maybe Maddie is taking the date study to heart and doing her part to bring her daughter into the world as soon as she can. Her Sister Wives mom is now there with her to help with Axel, so it looks like they’ve got all their ducks in a row ready for their new daughter.

Sister Wives: Janelle Has a Very Mature Daughter in North Carolina

When Kody Brown pulled up stakes and created that Sister Wives caravan that pulled into Flagstaff on day one, Caleb, Maddie, and Axel were there. While they helped with the move, they weren’t joining them as new Flagstaff citizens. Instead, the Maddie and Caleb at the time decided they’d relocate to the East Coast.

While Flagstaff looked like a lovely place, the daughter of Kody Brown and Janelle Brown didn’t see anything there for a young family. Especially work opportunities.

Maddie is a fan-favorite for many of the Sister Wives viewers when it comes to the Brown clan offspring. She’s so mature and grounded and proved that point when she questioned Kody Brown’s decision to scurry off to Flagstaff. Both she and Aspyn Brown, her half-sister, questioned Papa Brown’s motives behind this move.

Missing Big Family

It seems Kody originally stating that financially they needed to move. He claimed they’d save money on housing as well with the move. But even before they set sail for Flagstaff, the Sister Wives spouses learned they wouldn’t benefit from lesser housing costs. Just the opposite happened. They learned Flagstaff housing was more expensive. But they went anyway.

While Maddie knew she’d miss her huge family, she made it clear there’s nothing in Flagstaff for her little family, other than her bigger family. It also sounded as if she didn’t trust this would be the family’s last move under Kody Brown’s direction.

So Maddie, Caleb, and Axel now live in North Carolina. Their new baby daughter is about to make her world debut any time now. Janelle Brown is there for the event and to help with her grandson. The Sister Wives grandma posted a photo of Axel cooling off his feet in front of the fan.

It looks like Maddie is ready to have that baby. She’s even eating that dried-out looking fruit that she doesn’t like. Most likely she’s hoping it will bring on labor naturally. Whenever their daughter is born, one thing is or sure, Mom Janelle Brown is there to help with Maddie’s growing family.

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