‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown Takes Charge as Spouses Become Unhinged?

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown looks as if she steps up her game as the voice of reason within her family as her co-spouses become unruly. The second wife of Kody Brown has a tendency to take it all in before offering her opinion.

But in the next episode, it looks as if Janelle Brown doesn’t have the luxury of time as everyone is at each other’s throats. The TLC previews indicate a fight like no other is about to bust wide open on the next episode of Sister Wives.

Lurking on the sidelines taking it all in may have worked for Janelle in the past. But it seems she may see a need to get more proactive with her Sister Wives spouses these days. One might even say there’s a new unplugged Janelle Brown while dealing with the meltdown within her Sister Wives plural marriage.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Navigates Family Meltdown Aftermath

What the viewers watch this Sister Wives season was filmed months ago. But it looks as if Janelle Brown still navigates through the aftermath of a family meltdown in real-time. A hint indicating Janelle’s mindset today popped up on social media recently.

This clue came from the generic offering of a song on the radio. Janelle Brown posted a photo of her “good” Saturday morning music playing in her car. While it looks as if she’s on a trip down memory lane to the 80s, the song she listens too offers a little bit more than that.

The song “Bang Your Head” by Quiet Riot is on the radio screen, indicating that’s what this Sister Wives rocker is listening to. Maybe this is Janelle’s new way to pass along what’s going on with the family? Is she following in Meri Brown’s footsteps with cryptic messages?

The previews for this coming Sunday night’s show promise the Sister Wives adults in the biggest fight they’ve ever had. So maybe Janelle offers her own preview. Is she about to bang her head over this?

Should fans keep an eye out for Twisted Sister on her future playlist after Janelle Brown’s latest reveal in a comment online? It looks like a twist of polygamy fate when she talks about multiple husbands for one wife.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown - Tweet

Janelle Brown Agrees – Wives With More Than One Husband?

Did this quiet Sister Wives celeb have some different ideas festering? It sure sounds like Janelle Brown has some thoughts of her own when it comes to marriage.

It seems after a few decades as Kody Brown’s wife, Janelle Brown, 50, ponders a different family dynamic for a Sister Wives woman. Or at least she knows enough about it to answer her fans questions regarding a different kind of plural marriage.

Janelle states her Sister Wives family’s paradigm doesn’t recognize one wife with several husbands. But she explained how some women do have multiple husbands.

But the real surprise pops up when you learn that Janelle agrees with this. She states as long as it is between consenting adults and there’s no fraud or abuse involved, people should have the right to choose.

So what is going on within this family? Robyn Brown recently talked about a person’s right to leave a marriage, Kody is doubting his marriage structure, and now Janelle offers different ideas than traditional plural marriage. This is in front of the Sister Wives cameras, so what goes on when the cameras aren’t rolling?

Sister Wives: Brown Family Battle Ensues

The Sister Wives previews for this Sunday’s show indicate Janelle worries about the division of Coyote Pass land. She’s concerned that it won’t leave all wives satisfied. It appears she’s correct as the TLC previews say the wives fight over the different building lots.

So, it sounds like Janelle sees this coming before her co-spouses. This, of course, comes after Kody’s one-house idea is nixed by his wives. So as the Sister Wives clan becomes unglued Sunday night, it looks lie Janelle Brown is front and center attempting to reel them back in.

The shared husband, Kody Brown, is already tainted by his polygamy lifestyle. He’s even questioning if this is still the life for him. It appears a lot falls on Janelle Brown’s shoulders in the next episode. It even sounds like she’s still dealing with the fallout today in real-time.

Janelle Brown will more than likely be the voice of reason in the mess about to unfold on screen. But it doesn’t sound as if she can approach this in her usual calm demeanor. With the family seemingly imploding, it looks like Janelle probably needs to fight fire with fire.

Tune in to TLC Sunday nights at 10 pm EST for new episodes.

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