‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown Finds Fix for Too Much of a Good Thing

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown has one minor complaint today so she abandoned the use of boiling water and opted for a dry heat fix instead. No, it isn’t a sprain she’s dealing with just too many vegetables.

She also jumped on social media with the perils of having an overabundance of chilly weather vegetables. While the family films the new Sister Wives season today, it looks like Janelle puts forth a few challenges for herself with produce.

Sister Wives: Soggy Veggies Not For Janelle Brown

There is usually not much excitement or drama when it comes to vegetables. But when you have more than you know what to do with and if you are Janelle Brown – you get busy. Boiling vegetables for a meal is an old concept and sometimes a soggy one as well.

It looks like the second wife of the Sister Wives clan took “eat all your vegetables” to heart when she was a kid. That’s because as an adult, she won’t let so much as a cabbage leaf go to waste.

Sister Wives’ followers get to see her conquest online. Janelle created a challenge for herself and stuck with it using creativity. Even those who become faint at heart when they enter the kitchen will find Janelle’s latest creations worth getting over their fear of cooking.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Cabbage Recipe


Did Someone Say Eat More Vegetables?

Yes, that was Janelle when her family vowed to eat more produce this summer. It seems today she’s giving her fans some great ideas on social media so they can do the same.

Each week Janelle Brown gets a box of produce from the local farmer’s market. She also gets one from the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).

That’s a lot of vegetables even for Janelle Brown’s large family. So, it appears this Sister Wives celeb, who seems to be right at home when in the kitchen, went on a search.

When searching recipes that use cabbage, Janelle came across a great idea. This works well especially for those who are tired of soggy vegetables. It seems cabbage is one of those produce items that turn soggy quite quickly in boiling water. That recipe for a crisp cabbage delight appears below in Janelle’s post.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Vegetable Recipe

Sister Wives: Janelle

It seems Janelle also shared how she air-crisped more vegetables. Then with some bread crumbs and spices, she conjured up mouth-watering treats. She had her active family in mind when experimenting with the veggies, making something easy to grab when going out the door.

Her grab-and-go zucchini looks delicious in the post above. Janelle uses an egg wash then rolls it in bread crumbs, parmesan cheese, and some seasonings. Then she air-fries the pieces for about 6 minutes on 400 degrees.

This isn’t as exciting as Kody Brown telling his first wife Meri Brown that she tricked him into marrying her. It’s certainly not the drama like the never-ending stream of tears seen from Robyn Brown during the last season. But the even-keeled Janelle Brown is doing the Sister Wives proud today.

The fan-favorite wife, Janelle Brown, is the go-to wife out of the bunch when you want healthy yet tasty food. Sure, the Brown family spins plenty of drama for their followers. But Janelle whips up a mean crispy cabbage dish that has viewers in awe today as well.

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