‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown Wears Swimsuit – Throws Insecurities to the Wind

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown did something out of the norm recently after she took stock on all the stuff she was missing. It seems Kody Brown’s second wife is tired of shying away from anywhere in which a swimsuit is required. So, Janelle Brown said she spent enough time missing out and took the bull by the horns this summer.

Sister Wives: Swimsuit Now Part Of Janelle Brown’s Wardrobe

In this case, the bull that Janelle Brown takes by those horns happens to be her tendency to avoid places. Like the beach or pools where a swimsuit is needed. So, the Sister Wives’ grandmother of two decided to join the bathing suit scene.

It seems Janelle Brown put that swimsuit to good use recently. She visited Maddie Brown Brush, her husband, and children in North Carolina. The Sister Wives’ visiting mom went to the beach with her kids and grandkids.

Janelle had Gabe Brown along with her for this trip. From the Sister Wives’ mom’s own report, he was amazing with his nephew, Axel Brush. Janelle Brown posted a few pictures of this outing along with her declaration of freedom. That’s her freedom from the insecurities that usually kept her avoiding the beach.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown

One Busy Lady

Along with making a transformation from her shyness, Janelle recently got busy helping out with the Sister Wives tribe’s finances. It’s no secret that Kody Brown continues to stress out over the family finances.

It looks like three of Kody’s four wives got creative while trying to help. The three wives, which include Janelle Brown, found ways to bring in some extra dough, for the family. It looks like the only wife who hasn’t stepped up to help their Sister Wives so far is Robyn Brown.

Meri Brown decided to sell some lightly used clothes to her fans. With each item comes the story of where the Sister Wives matriarch wore the attire. Maybe it is seen on Meri in a social media post. Or Meri wears it during a scene on the TLC reality series.

Wherever she last wore the item for sale, she fills them in. This seems to entice the sales from awestruck fans

Christine Brown upped her game with sales as well. She held a live sale event for her followers. Christine told her customers how the family is looking at a co-pay of $50,000 for her daughter’s surgery.

So the third wife from Sister Wives told those prospective customers how they can help. It seems the more they purchase, the more they help her raise that money. It’s like Kody Brown has three soldiers out there battling the aftermath of some past wrong turns.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown

Sister Wives: Janelle Leaves Them In Tears

Janelle stepped outside the clothing box and unlike her co-wives, she opted to sign up for Cameo. She records little video clips for fans. This can really rake in the bucks. Another TLC reality star, Usman Umar, from the 90 Day Fiance series made $27,000 filming these Cameos for fans.

While he is new and not that well known, can you imagine what a veteran star like Janelle Brown can rake in with her popularity? It sounds like it’s already a success for Janelle as the comments from fans who got their personal Cameo clips, offer nothing but praise the Sister Wives mom.

Janelle even brought on a few tears for the genuine words she shares with the Sister Wives enthusiasts. So, it looks like Janelle Brown made some strides in shyness in a few different areas today. It appears she’s making Cameos to help fix the family’s money problems. Then she heads to the beach, where she’s ready for anything now that she’s wearing a bathing suit.

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