‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown’s Question Stirs Odd Answers from Spouses

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown asked her spouses a serious question and the responses indicate what each expects from plural marriage. In a clip released ahead of the new season, the Sister Wives ladies offer some very different reasons as to what the Principle means to them. The Principle is basically the religious term coined for their type of polygamy lifestyle, which is religiously based.

Oddly enough, Janelle Brown gets a mixed bag of answers from the ladies. Christine Brown’s outlook stayed the same from the day she married Kody Brown, kind of an old-age plan. While the others seemed to grow their outlook along the way.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Pulls Answers From Co-Wives

After listening to the Sister Wives patriarch through the years, you get a good idea where he’s coming from. Kody claims to live the Principle by creating a huge family through love. The love of a man and his multiple wives creates a slew of kids.

This family stays together through this life and beyond, through eternity. This is how Kody describes it in a nutshell on the Sister Wives show.

But it seems each of the Sister Wives women veers off a bit from Kody’s explanation. Two of the more interesting takes come from Christine and Robyn Brown.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown

Janelle and Meri Brown Seem to Agree

Janelle calls the Principle, her religious doctrine. Both Janelle and Meri see it as a way to better yourself. You do this by moving past things that weigh you down in life, such as competitiveness and jealousy.

Fans of the Sister Wives series bear witness to that. There’s been plenty of jealous moments and lots of competition between the wives through the years. But they work past all of this, according to what they say about the Principle.

Early Days of Plural Marriage

Sister Wives: Christine and Robyn Brown See Perks

Robyn and Christine seem to focus on the perks of a Sister Wives family as far as it guards against loneliness. It also spreads the heavy workload around. These two ladies seemed intrigued with the family structure and what it provides when becoming a Sister Wives bride.

Christine said in a book she penned years ago with the Sister Wives adults that one thing stood out for her with plural marriage. She watched the women lose their husbands in old age and thought how wonderful to see the women were not alone. They had their other wives to keep them company in old age.

Surprisingly enough, Christine carries that theme all the way into today. In the new season, she has a long answer to Janelle Brown’s question about the Principle. But one of the first things she talks about is sitting together as grandparents on their property.

It sounds as if Christine has a thing about not being lonely in old age. When Kody is no longer with them, she’s got the women in this plural marriage for company.

She also sees plural marriage as a way to better yourself and to raise a bunch of amazing kids. There’s more to Christine’s answer as well.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Robyn Brown - Kody Brown - Christine Brown - Janelle Brown

It’s A Women Thing?

Robyn Brown said she was immediately drawn to the way Kody’s family operated. She answers Janelle’s question by centering on the women.

The fourth bride said they have each other’s back basically. In a plural marriage, they share in each woman’s struggles. So, that struggle becomes part of the four Sister Wives ladies.

While this all sounds wonderful, it doesn’t always pan out that way. Die-hard viewers of the show witnessed many chips in the armor of that solid description coming from Robyn.

Sometimes a Sister Wives lady is alone in her struggle. Or at least that’s how Meri’s fans find her at times, alone. Both Robyn and Christine seem to deviate a bit from the way Janelle Brown describes following the Principle.

It seems in this Sister Wives’ new season, things get so bad that Janelle puts that question to her co-wives. Get ready to hear their full explanation when that new season rolls out this Sunday night, February 14, at 10 pm EST. Then head back to Soap Dirt for all the info and news on this TLC series.