‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown Makes Huge Sacrifice for Family? [Pics]

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown is quiet and unassuming in comparison to her co-wives – but recent sacrifices on her part say a lot about her. When the camera zooms in on Janelle or around her house, nothing looks out of the norm. That is unless you compare it to the Sister Wives norm.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown More Basic Than Co-Wives

When the Sister Wives tribe moved to Flagstaff, three out of the four wives went for high-end homes. Christine Brown immediately purchased her home as the other three wives first opted for rentals. Robyn Brown later ended up buying a home but all the houses purchased and rented by Kody’s wives were like little estates. All except for Janelle’s home.

Recent photos of Janelle’s family in her home seem to indicate she’s living in somewhat cramped quarters. Also, some shots of her kids around the kitchen seem to show Janelle is making do with just the basics.

There’s nothing wrong with Janelle’s stove below – as it looks like it serves the purpose. Garrison Brown helps his Sister Wives mom out by making dinner. In the picture below – see Janelle Brown’s kitchen next to Robyn’s kitchen complete with a high-end price tag stove.

 Janelle Brown Stove - Robyn Brown Stove - Garrison Brown

Janelle’s House Looks Cramped Compared to Meri Brown’s Home

Meri Brown rents her home for $4,500 a month. Compare that to Janelle’s rent for her smaller home that costs them $2,900 a month. The other two Sister Wives ladies pay mortgages on their big homes.

But Janelle, who now has at least four of her six kids home during the pandemic, looks to have a bit of a crowed house. Still, when Janelle needed to find housing in Flagstaff, it looks like she’s the only wife out of the Sister Wives clan who watched her pennies.

In the photos below, her kitchen and dining room area seem crowded for a family her size. As three of her six kids, Garrison Brown, Gabriel Brown, and Hunter Brown clown around in the kitchen, it’s easy to see how cramped it is for all of them. Plus, she has Savanah at home with Maddie Brown Brush and Logan Brown living elsewhere. But that still puts four young adults in this Sister Wives house today.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Small House

Other Sister Wives Have Much Bigger Digs

So you have one abode looking a bit cramped once people pile into the house. Below are a few photos of Robyn’s new Flagstaff home. This is the one she recently purchased with Kody. She has two little kids and three teens. But her place seems to offer plenty of room for all her kids and even any friends they might bring in.

Sister Wives‘ Meri went through two Flagstaff rental homes before moving into the one she’s in now. All three offered luxury. Her second rented home came with an elevator. She had her own waterfall inside as well. The shots seen of her latest and third rental home in Flagstaff give the impression that it’s huge and luxurious as well.

Sister: Wives Kody Brown - Robyn Brown New Flagstaff Home

Granddaddy House of Them All…

Robyn Brown’s home is gorgeous with spacious rooms filled with lots of modern amenities. You can’t help but notice the difference between the youngest Sister Wives spouse’s house and Janelle Brown’s place.

While Kody Brown struggles with several mortgages and rental properties, it looks like he has one Sister Wives lady he can count on to be a bargain hunter. Janelle seemed to plug up the money leaking from her end by renting a modest home.

Despite that Janelle could use the space, the Sister Wives’ mother could definitely use more space. Perhaps Janelle Brown is more concerned about the well-being of the family over her own comforts. So, perhaps she chose a more modest home than her Sister Wives co-wives to help ease the family finances.

Family Homes

Sister Wives: Kody Brown’s Ladies Like Their Luxuries?

One of Meri’s rental houses had an elevator and an indoor waterfall but she needed to move from there. Now she’s in a rural home that appears just as luxurious as the last place. All three of her rented Flagstaff homes looked big and high-end. Christine, like Janelle Brown, is in the same house that she first moved into when relocating to Flagstaff.

But Christine, unlike Janelle Brown, purchased her home. Above, Christine’s master bedroom appears in the top Sister Wives photo on the right. One of Meri’s rentals appears in the top left photo above. On the bottom left is the outside of Janelle Brown’s house. See how close she is to her neighbors.

From pictures of a cookout posted online a while back, it appears her backyard is postage-stamp-sized compared to the acreage of the other Sister Wives. The bottom right photo above shows Meri at home in her grand entrance area. All the wives except Janelle Brown enjoy large sprawling yards and beautiful views from their home.

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