‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown Offers New Season Shout Out – All Ducks in a Row?

Sister Wives celeb Janelle Brown sparked enthusiasm among the fans with her recent reveal on the new season of their TLC show. With the non-disclosure clause in contracts, there’s just so much the Brown family members can say. But Janelle Brown offered another hint recently about the Sister Wives newest season.

Sister Wives: History Repeats Itself

Veteran Sister Wives fans know the unofficial protocol used by the co-wives to leak that a new season is in the works. They drop hints, however vague. In recent years the older kids also joined in by dropping a tease or a clue about the start of a new season.

Even TLC seems to have a regiment they follow in leaking clues before a new season begins. This includes their tendency to say nothing while their newest season films. Then waiting until the last minute to officially announce a new season premiere.

New fans of the Sister Wives series might think the show’s about to disappear into the sunset from lack of TLC updates. But this is the second time Janelle Brown popped up with a new season tease. She’s also not the only wife to recently dance around that non-disclosure clause to offer an update.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown

Janelle Brown – The Voice of Reason

The second wife of the Sister Wives clan, Janelle Brown, is the wife who doesn’t involve herself in drama. After more than a decade on the TLC screen, fans got to know her as the voice of reason.

Unlike her Sister Wives co-spouses, Janelle doesn’t have the tendency to exaggerate. She also doesn’t blow up to a point where headlines can use the word “explode” to describe her on-screen reactions. So viewers of the TLC series tend to take Janelle Brown’s words seriously.

When Janelle recently offered her second hint about the new season, fans lit up the social media world. When asked by a fan about a new season of the Sister Wives, Janelle answered.

Janelle Brown suggested the fans stay tuned to TLC for updates. While she acknowledges this isn’t much, she did suggest that at least it’s some news. But this is just a small hint in comparison to what both Janelle and Christine Brown said in past weeks.

Sister Wives: Soap Dirt - Janelle Brown Tweet on New Season

Sister Wives: Yes – New Season On the Way

Back in September Janelle told her Sister Wives followers to stay tuned for news on the new season. That sparked a flood of interest online as it followed a definite confirmation from Christine Brown.

The very first confirmation came via Christine as she peddled her articles of clothing during a live online sale. This was a few months back, long before news surfaced of Ysabel Brown’s surgery.

So when asked by a fan about Ysabel’s scoliosis prognosis, Christine replied that this was part of the new season so she couldn’t go into details.

Then during another live sale online when Christine Brown was asked if a new season of Sister Wives is coming, she said “yes”. So, you can’t get more definite than that.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Christine Brown - Kody Brown - Janelle Brown - Robyn Brown



More Parties Heard From

Since Christine’s first mentions of a new season, other Sister Wives members popped up with news as well. Mykelti Brown Padron, the daughter of Christine and Kody Brown, expects her first child with husband Tony Padron in March.

She said she didn’t know the baby’s gender at the time of her announcement. But when they do, she also said they couldn’t share it until the TLC network gives them the nod. So, it sounds like their baby journey is part of the new season.

This also looks like the making of not only one new season for Sister Wives but two. Since the new season started filming months ago, they probably won’t wait until the baby’s birth so they can include the event in this season.

Some fans think it’s more than likely that they’ll film another new season of Sister Wives following the one they plan to release next. This way it entices fans back for the birth of the baby.

Who wouldn’t want to see Tony as a new dad? Although, some fans think Tony Padron should film a show of his own with his new little family. Viewers seem to look forward to his entertaining antics.

Famous TLC Polygamous Family

Sister Wives: Not Just One New Season, But Two?

So Season 15 is on the way with the possibility of a Season 16 next on the drawing board. For the Sister Wives enthusiasts wondering today why TLC hasn’t officially announced the next season… don’t worry. The network traditionally waits for about a month to just weeks before a new season rolls out when offering their official word.

As far as when you can expect the premiere of Sister Wives Season 15 -history indicates January. While the TLC series premiered seasons in many different months through the years, the last several debuts of new seasons came in January.

Of course, there’s a new and major factor this time around that was never an issue before – the pandemic. It’s not known if this might cause a delay. Still, the news of a new season comes from several sources within the Brown family. Even a few of the kids offered clues months ago that Sister Wives is coming back.

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