‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown Confirms New Season – When Will It Start?

Sister Wives celeb Janelle Brown confirmed a new season of the series is on the way but now fans anxiously await for news of the start date. As with most of the other seasons, TLC keeps the renewal and start date news under wraps. But Janelle and one of her co-wives updated the fans.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Teases News

The network hasn’t yet officially announced the new season of Sister Wives. Still, not one, but two of the stars of this reality series confirmed they’re filming. So, it sounds like you can bet the farm on the series continuing.

Several hints came out weeks ago that the Sister Wives cameras were in tow. A couple of the older kids mentioned the film crew, like Mariah Brown. She lives in Chicago with her future spouse, Audrey Kriss.

She said how much she liked them, so it sounded as if the crew was out in Chicago filming something there. This was before the pandemic changed the way things are done.

Janelle dropped the hint below not too long ago and Sister Wives fans have stayed tuned for a start date.

Sister Wives: Soap Dirt - Janelle Brown Tweet on New Season

Another Party Heard From

Janelle Brown wasn’t the only Sister Wives member to confirm the series lives on. It sounded like Christine Brown first revealed the news. It seemed as if in Christine’s case, this may have been a slip. Well anyway at first. But not Janelle, she put it into writing.

Before Janelle Brown shared the news, Christine chatted with fans during a live sales segment for the clothing she sells on social media. In between her sales pitch for leggings and wowing over t-shirts, a fan asked a question about her daughter, Ysabel Brown’s medical update.

On the Sister Wives series, they filmed Kody and Christine taking Ysabel to specialists for her scoliosis. The doctors did say there was a probability she’d face surgery down the line. So, this is why the fan asked the question.

Christine said she can’t comment on this topic because it’s part of next season. Well, fans got their answer, Sister Wives wasn’t canceled. During a later online sales, Christine said “yes” when yet another fan asked if the series was coming back.

Since that time, this mom gave fans an update. It seems Ysabel’s surgery will take place between September 16th and October 11th.

Christine gave the dates but she said she would be on vacation from her social media. But added that there’s a certain procedure (which she can’t talk about) happening at that time.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Janelle Brown

Sister Wives: Like ‘Groundhog Day’

The official announcement from TLC on the renewal of the Sister Wives show traditionally comes about a month or even a few weeks before the new season starts. So, just like Groundhog Day, the movie, look for the same thing to occur this time around.

This up-and-coming season already looks to be a bit different from what Christine had to say. That’s due to the social distancing across the nation. While Janelle Brown just touched on the new season coming, her Sister Wives co-wife offered a bit more.

Christine said they had cameras at home and they filmed one week and they were off the next. It seems that they alternated the weeks without the film crew there. So, you can just imagine what the unmanned camera caught and the amount of editing that needs to happen.

Sister Wives’ history demonstrates that new seasons start in almost every month on the calendar. But the last several seasons were different. The past few seasons kicked off in January.

TLC announced those new season start dates only weeks before they aired the show. So, nothing is official but history seems to suggest there’s a good probability the new season rolls out in January.

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