‘Sister Wives’ Update: Janelle Grills Other Women – Can They Take The Heat?

Sister Wives update has co-sister wife Janelle Brown sitting down with the family for a hard conversation. She has some hard-hitting questions to ask the people in her life, and they are all surprised.

Sister Wives Update: Janelle Brown Invites Family to Lunch

Sister Wives personality Janelle Brown starts this new season off in a unique way. She brings her husband, Kody Brown, and her Sister Wives out for lunch. With one of them, Christine Brown, commenting that she has no clue what to expect, it really had all of them on their toes. Robyn Brown says she knew Janelle had some things she wanted to talk about. But, she wasn’t sure if this was a big conversation, or just to catch up.

All of the women on this TLC hit show, except for Meri Brown, chime in together, talking about different experiences they’ve shared. With Janelle Brown asking why they joined “the principal,” the women try their hardest to let their opinions be known. This phrasing that Janelle uses refers to plural marriage itself, and her questioning is what their principles on plural marriage are.

Sister Wives Update: Janelle Brown

Sister Wives Update: Is This Because Robin Entered The Family?

Sister Wives update shows the Brown’s family roots. With Janelle Brown being the only wife from a non-plural marriage upbringing, she hears from the other wives that’s why they chose this path. Of course, that’s not the only reason these women want this lifestyle. Christine says she wants the family aspect. Also, Meri says it’s all she knows. Janelle points out that since they moved from Utah, things have just not been the same.

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This causes Robyn to bring up what she thinks is the “pink elephant” in the room. Have things not been the same because she entered the family? With the women comforting her and Janelle hugging her, they reassure their crying sister-wife that it is not because of her. Janelle Brown explains that all this just so happened to start around the time she came into their lives. The thing that made everything different was the housing situation after their move.

Sister Wives Update: Kody Brown - Janelle Brown - Meri Brown - Robyn Brown

Do They Want Out Of Plural Marriage?

Sister Wives patriarch Kody Brown weighs in on the situation. He lets Janelle and his other wives know that he no longer wants to advocate for their lifestyle. Also, he believes that what he knows about the way they live is simply not fair to everyone. Kody says he knows he has all the love he needs but admits his wives are left feeling lonely.

Christine Brown points out that Kody just seems like a cog that just doesn’t fit in her life the way it is. Then she says that when he comes around, it throws off her whole schedule. Is this the end of Sister Wives?

Sister Wives’ new season premieres tonight on TLC at 9/10 central.

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