‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown Can’t Get Away from the Smell – Shares Valuable Lesson

Sister Wives celeb Janelle Brown seems to find some comic relief as facial features seem a thing of the past when out in public these days. Janelle donned her generic black mask for keeping the COVID-`19 at bay. But you can’t help notice something that peers out from behind this Sister Wives protective gear. Janelle Brown’s crystal-blue eyes.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Carries Souvenirs of Her Pets?

Sometimes you just can’t help but look at the smallest of details. As it’s in those details that you can find a way to relate to that person just a wee bit more. When it comes to Janelle, you can probably make a safe bet that her mask is not brand spanking new.

It appears it might carry the remains of the day for this busy mom from the Sister Wives clan. Notice the flecks of hair sticking to her mask. While it looks clean, you can tell Janelle Brown owns some pets that scurrying around the house.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown

Following Protocol – Kudos

It also looks like the stitching is giving away at the bridge of her nose on that mask. So this seems to suggest some good news for this Sister Wives tribe member’s safety habits.

It seems Janelle takes this mask-wearing procedure seriously. As it looks obvious that this face protection unit is something she’s worn before.

Okay, enough observations by looking in at Janelle Brown. It’s time to find out what Janelle learned by chance today.

It seems Janelle was thrust into a situation where she couldn’t help but make an observation of her own. This Sister Wives’ mom also posted a photo so you could see just what she means.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown - Kody Brown

Sister Wives: That Odor Can Only Come From One Place

While bad breath is a problem that hits everyone from time to time. Yep, not one soul can say they’re immune from halitosis every day of their lives.

Janelle seemed to find that out the hard way. But not because someone mentioned this to the Sister Wives co-wife. She didn’t find out by cupping her hands and blowing into them, as many do for a quick breath check. No, it hit her full force.

It looks like Janelle Brown did what many before her have done. Put the face mask on after a particularly tasty meal that was heavy on the garlic. As she shares in the post above, she just added breath mints to her errands.

She’s surely not alone, one breath mint company just started advertising for fresh breath inside your masks. So, it seems this Sister Wives biological mother of six is one of many who found themselves offended by their own bad breath recently.

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