‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown Overheats – Flagstaff Resident Suggests She Exaggerated?

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown might be the most observant spouse when it comes to the four women sharing Kody Brown as a husband. Or at least she appears to be extremely detail-oriented.

So when the number two wife of the Sister Wives clan shared a recent observation with her followers it was easy to see what she was pointing out. Three of Kody Brown’s wives tend to post trivial things that pop into their mind from time to time. While some seem interesting, like Janelle Brown’s latest post, others might leave you scratching your head.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown and Co-Spouse Christine Brown Share What Pops Up

Meri Brown and Christine Brown, along with Janelle Brown often share the little idiosyncrasies of their daily Sister Wives lives with their followers. It’s Robyn Brown who’s remained quiet online since the end of last winter. So fans have no idea what the fourth Sister Wives spouse is thinking about these days.

But Meri, Christine and Janelle Brown informed their fans of their mindset recently. For instance, Christine hopped online this weekend with a little dilemma. She finished one of those Sudoku puzzle books and she debates whether to toss it away or save it.

Christine is not sure if it should be a keepsake. She thinks it might act as a Sister Wives memory. After all, it’s a puzzle book she did with her kids. That seems to offer a little insight into how exciting life is for the third wife of Kody Brown these days.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown

Janelle Feeling the Heat and Has Proof

Then, of course, there’s Meri Brown. She’s become quite the traveler among the Sister Wives spouses these days. This week alone she went to Oregon to visit her best friend. Then she hopped online from Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, the B&B she owns in Utah. Meri shared her amazement over what her chef made for breakfast.

But back to Janelle Brown and her overheated dilemma, which seemed interesting. It appears this week she traveled from the nice cool area where she lives in Flagstaff to Phoenix, which is pretty much the desert. She opted to share with her Sister Wives followers what she noticed – the vast difference in temperature.

As you can see above, Janelle posted two readings from her car’s thermometer. One reading she took in Flagstaff and the other while she was at home in Flagstaff. Wow, that’s a vast difference in temperature, which is what many of the fans conveyed.

Sister Wives: Fan Corrects Janelle – She’s Too Hot

From sweater weather to oppressive heat, it looks like Janelle Brown got a taste of both that day. It’s easy to see that Janelle didn’t make up these temperatures. She took photos of the temperature registering on the dashboard thermometer. But one Flagstaff resident seemed to have the need to rain on Janelle’s parade.

The fan, who looks as if they hail from Arizona, left her a comment about the thermometer registering the inside of the car, not the outside. Then the fan corrected her Phoenix reading by telling Janelle the temp only reached 112 degrees that day. But then the person welcomed the Brown family to Arizona, so it seemed like a friendly exchange.

Anyway, that was an eye-opener on how different the climate can be from one city to another there in Arizona. It also shows how the Sister Wives family seems to create controversy with even with the most generic topics of conversation.

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