‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown Looks Sad – Eats Cupcake Alone on Mother’s Day

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown was captured in pictures wandering around a farmer’s market alone on Mother’s Day in Flagstaff. Eyewitnesses described Janelle Brown as looking a bit sad and lonely. They also reported she frequently checked her phone as if she was looking for messages that didn’t come.

Sister Wives: Lonely Existence Painted for Janelle Brown

It was Mother’s Day and Janelle Brown was alone, according to the report. None of her children were with her and most notably, neither was Kody Brown. Janelle did say on the last Sister Wives season that this plural marriage thing isn’t for everyone. She sometimes finds it hard herself. Her latest outing is in quite the contrast to recent pics posted of her big 50 birthday celebration.

A few of the Brown clan posted photos recently of all four wives out to dinner with Kody twice over the previous weekend. They’re all smiling and looking like the first days of Sister Wives when all the women enjoyed their close relationship. Then a week later Janelle Brown is captured in pics looking so forlorn and even a bit lost. From a recent report, these pics were snapped on Mother’s Day.

Stood Up at Spring Market?

That’s a day you’d expect this mom to share with the other Sister Wives spouses along with kids swarming all around. Instead, Janelle Brown was alone without another Brown tribal member in sight. Her frequent glances at her cell phone might indicate she expected to meet someone at this farmer’s market. Maybe Janelle planned to meet up with one of her kids or one of the other wives but they didn’t show?

She doesn’t look happy in the several shots a passerby happened to take. So maybe that look on her face was the result of the aggravation she felt for not finding the person planning to meet her there. Instead, the eyewitness said Janelle got herself some lemonade and a cupcake. So at least she treated herself on Mother’s Day.

It’s common knowledge among the fans of this show that Janelle and Meri didn’t always see eye to eye. A few years back the two couldn’t bring themselves to ride in the same car together. But therapy and time seemed to smooth things over. The video below demonstrates their shared problems from a while back.

Sister Wives: More Fuel to the Disenchantment Theory

The contrast seen in pictures just a week apart seems to fuel the theory suggesting the Sister Wives brood play up their unity for the camera. Janelle appeared alone at the time some unknown person snapped her photos. And it appears she didn’t know that a camera focused on her.

In contrast, the family posed for last week’s dinner pictures. Kody Brown, Janelle Brown, Meri Brown, Robyn Brown, and Christine Brown  struck a pose for the camera while out to dinner twice the previous weekend. That pose reeked happiness and unity among the five adult members of the Brown family. It’s important that Kody Brown and his four wives look content together if they want another season of Sister Wives to entice the fans.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Christine Brown - Robyn Brown - Meri Brown - Janelle Brown

Devil’s Advocate

While the solo pictures of Janelle from Mother’s Day do paint a rather lonely scene, you have no way of knowing what the rest of her day was like. Maybe she came to the farmer’s market on the way to the family dinner. Maybe she stopped to pick up a vegetable that the market didn’t have. The frequent glancing of her phone screen might have been in anticipation of Christine (the cook in the family) to text her an alternate vegetable to get. You can’t take 60 seconds from this woman’s day in photos and paint all gloom and doom. But, with that said, Janelle did look lonely and sad in the pictures.

Nothing official about the renewal or cancellation of this show has come from TLC as of yet. But if Kody Brown wants another season, the happy family theme probably needs to continue. The original message of this show was to demonstrate to people how a plural marriage is just like any other. That is except for a few extra wives. So far, the problems and crossroads seen on Sister Wives are similar to those you find in a monogamous relationship just multiplied. But if another season should crop up, to entice the fans back, the spouses pulling all together would probably optimize their chances.

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