‘Sister Wives’: Facts About Janelle Brown You May Not Know

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown is Kody Brown‘s second wife. Most fans would agree Janelle is the most laid back and easy going of all Kody’s wives. She’s always been fiercely independent. Also, she and Kody seem to have the best friendship of the spouses.

In many ways, Janelle and Kody are more like best buds than husband and wife. Here are a few things you may or may not know about Kody Brown’s second wife Janelle.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Is First To Make Kody A Daddy

Sister Wives couple Janelle Brown and Kody Brown married on January 20, 1993, making her Kody’s second wife and Meri Brown’s first sister wife. Although Janelle is the second wife she was the first wife to make Kody a father. The couple’s first of six, Logan, was born in 1994.

Kody and Janelle share four sons, Logan, Garrison, Hunter and Gabriel, and two daughters, Maddie and Savanah. Their daughter Madison Brown Brush married Kaleb Brush in 2106, making her the first of the Sister Wives children to marry.

Additionally, Madison’s the mother of the only Brown grandkids to date. She is the mom of 2-year-old Axel and 4-month-old Evangalynn Kodi. Janelle Brown not only is the first to make Kody a father, but she’s also the first of all the Sister Wives to make him a grandfather.

Janelle Brown Is a Divorcee

Sister Wives watchers were surprised to learn Janelle Brown was married before she became Kody’s second wife. Janelle and Meri’s brother Adam Barber were legally married from 1988-1990. So, before Janelle was Meri’s sister-wife, she actually was her sister-in-law.

Janelle developed a closeness with Meri and their now shared husband Kody during this time. In fact, Janelle fell in love with Kody while still married to Adam. Once she divorced her first husband, she lobbied to join Meri and Kody’s marriage. The two courted and then were spiritually married as Sister Wives three years after her divorce finalized.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown & Janelle Brown Are Step-Siblings

Polygamous families have a complicated family tree and the Browns are no exception. However, Sister Wives fans were surprised Kody’s father Winn Brown and Janelle’s mother Sheryl were married when the show started airing. In fact, their parents wed before their kids started courting.

Sheryl met Winn Brown when Janelle was just getting to know Kody Brown and his family. Her mom worried her daughter got sucked into a polygamous cult. However that all changed for Sheryl when she met Kody’s dad. So, Kody and his wife Janelle were step-siblings before they were Sister Wives spouses. Sheryl and Winn’s marriage lasted over 20 years until he died.

She Convinced Kody To Fix His Marriage To Meri

Sister Wives’ husband of four Kody Brown’s marriage to first wife Meri Brown deteriorated dramatically since their 2014 legal divorce and 2015 catfish scandal. However, this isn’t the first time these Brown spouses suffered marital problems. In fact, just after Janelle joined their family, Meri’s marriage was in dire straits.

But, it was Janelle Brown who went to Kody and asked him to work on his marriage to Meri. Kody was prepared to divorce Meri. So, Janelle sat down their shared husband for a heart-to-heart talk. In that discussion, she told Kody that if he still loved Meri, he had t do everything he could to save their marriage.

Apparently Janelle Brown was successful then. So, maybe it’s time she steps in once again and tries again to help Meri and Kody work through the issues in their marriage. Sister Wives returns for season 14 Sunday, January 5 on TLC.

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