‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown’s Original Take on Robyn Might Curl Your Toes

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown married Kody Brown about 20 years before the name Robyn Brown entered into the household. So, Janelle, like Meri Brown and Christine Brown, became fairly set in her ways. They had a few decades of habits within this Sister Wives family when Robyn came along.

Sister Wives: Celeb Janelle Brown Shares First Impression of Robyn Brown

The Sister Wives adults talked about the jealousy between them in one of the first few seasons of the TLC series. It was obvious to fans the green-eyed monster surfaced from time to time. Still, the four wives originally played down that naturally occurring emotion.

It was during the third Sister Wives season when Janelle Brown and her three co-wives really opened up in front of the cameras. By this time, the Sister Wives viewers saw plenty of shots with Kody following his new bride around like a lovelorn teen.

Comments from the Sister Wives social media sites indicated that the fans had enough of Kody’s teenage-like actions. They also wanted to know why the other three wives won’t admit to the jealousy captured on screen.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown - Robyn Brown - Kody Brown

Ladies Admit Some Things Do ‘Creep’ Them Out

So, all four wives did admit that some things about the other wives tend to “creep” them out. They said that they don’t like to think of the other wives sleeping in their beds with their shared husband. For that reason, they don’t go into the sacred space of each wives’ bedroom.

Veteran fans might remember what happened when they toured the bedrooms during one of the earlier seasons. Something Kody left on Robyn Brown’s nightstand really seem to creep out the other wives.

Some Sister Wives comments from the fans back in 2011 critiqued the interaction between all four wives. Fans suggested that the three older wives might say they’ve adjusted to a fourth wife but their actions said something different. But finally, that mystery was addressed by Kody’s wives.

Viewers learned  there’s one thing that pops up now and then that acts as a big reminder to each wife that they share a husband. Each new pregnancy reminds the other wives that they’re not the only ones that Kody shares a bed with.

It was hard for the other wives when Robyn Brown announced she was having a baby. As of today, there were 18 times in the Sister Wives world that the wives were reminded of Kody’s nighttime activities. But with Robyn being brand new, that bite probably stung a little more than the others.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown - Janelle Brown

Sister Wives: Janelle Surprises Fans With Robyn Brown Diss

Janelle Brown, who usually never uses a disparaging word regarding a spouse, surprised the fans back then. When talking about Robyn Brown, Janelle Brown said she sees the Sister Wives newest addition have a way about her when around Kody.

It seems Janelle describes Robyn as having a way of being “kind of helpless” when Kody is present. While that’s not a horrible diss to Robyn, it’s so unlike Janelle to say something like that at all. Then again, this was back in 2011 when Kody was still over-the-top smitten with Robyn.

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