‘Sister Wives’: Christine’s Ill-Timed Fundraiser Plea Tied to Kody Brown’s Lawsuit?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown tugged heartstrings with a recent fundraiser plea but fans now suspect a possible Kody Brown hidden agenda. It’s hard to believe this could be the case for some of the third wife’s Sister Wives fans. But others say Christine’s fundraising urgency never made sense in the first place. Now, this new theory sounds much more feasible for those naysayers.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Evokes Tears – First Red Flag

Christine Brown did something totally out of the norm for her, which is the first red flag for the Sister Wives followers. She interrupted a live sales pitch of the brand of clothing she sells to make a pitch of her own.

Christine Brown attempted to sway her online followers to buy more of the clothes for a really good, but serious reason. It seems one of her daughters needs major surgery. Since it’s part of next season’s storyline she couldn’t offer any info.

But Christine did say they mentioned this previously during a few Sister Wives episodes. Fans immediately assumed it’s Ysabel Brown, who battled scoliosis using holistic treatments.

The doctors told Christine Brown and Kody Brown that the treatment may stave off the surgery for a while. But they believed she’d be undergoing the procedure in the future. Then the second fairly large red flag popped up.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Kody Brown

Red Flag Number Two

This surgery will cost the Sister Wives family $50,000 out of pocket. This is after their health insurance kicks in their part of the cost. Christine explained that they needed this down payment for their daughter to undergo this surgery. It sounded dire that she raise this money.

Now some of the followers of the Sister Wives online suggest this co-pay thing is ludicrous. No one has heard of such a steep co-payment when insurance is involved. You have medical insurance so that you don’t get hit with a $50K bill if something like this happens.

It took just a few minutes before fans started with their questions. Some just couldn’t wrap their heads around this absurd amount of money the Sister Wives adults were expected to provide as a copay.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Family

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Flies Biggest Flag Of Them All

Now comes all the controversy. It seems news just surfaced this week that the Sister Wives patriarch, Kody Brown, is responsible for a $30,000 payment in his son’s car crash.

The court documents include a bill released by the arbitrator in this case for the $30k. Both Kody’s son, Paedon Brown, and Kody have the responsibility for this bill, according to reports.

Kody Brown legally owned the car Paedon drove at the time of the accident. Paedon is 21 today but he was a teen back in 2017 when the accident happened.

He allegedly followed the vehicle in front of him too close. So, when the car made a sudden stop for an emergency vehicle, he rear-ended the vehicle causing injuries.

This court judgment of $30K is the total of several different fees and fines including pain and suffering for the plaintiffs. Sister Wives critics think it’s more than a coincidence that Kody is hit with this hefty payment then Christine embarks on a sudden fundraiser.

Many insurance policies come with a co-payment for services. But the working theory of the critics suggests the co-payment was embellished a bit. Some believe that that $50K Christine claims she needs may include Kody Brown and Paedon Brown’s $30,000 bill.

Still, some die-hard Christine Brown fans don’t believe Christine Brown is capable of this while others just don’t buy that sizeable co-pay story.

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