‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Ordered to Pay $30K in Son’s Car Crash

Sister Wives celeb Kody Brown may very well have tufts of hair missing today from pulling it out over the stress of another huge bill to pay. Cash strapped Kody Brown now faces the responsibility for a car crash that his son Paedon Brown allegedly caused.

Sister Wives: Legal Owner of Car – Kody Brown

According to the people who sued Kody and Paedon Brown, Kody’s responsibility in this crash has to do with letting his son drive his car. They claim he knowingly let an “inexperienced or incompetent person” drive his vehicle.

So, according to the plaintiffs, the Sister Wives patriarch is “jointly and severally liable,” for this crash along with Paedon. Kody Brown, as well as his son, denied those allegations against them. But the court came back with a judgment for the plaintiffs in this case.

Paedon is the son of Christine Brown and Kody Brown. This accident occurred back in 2017 when the now 21-year-old Paedon was only a teen. The Sister Wives‘ son faced the charge of following too closely behind the vehicle that he hit. According to the reports, when the other vehicle braked, the teen hit them from behind.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Paedon Brown -Case Documents

Pain and Suffering – Tough Bill For Cash Strapped Family

The $30,000 that Kody and his son were ordered to pay was the total of several things. This included court fees, “pain,” as well as “suffering,” as the injuries from the accident caused an interruption in the plaintiffs’ daily lives. The monetary award also took several other things into consideration like medical treatment for the people in the vehicle Paedon crashed into.

The Sister Wives tribe suffers through financial problems today and this $30K can’t help their dilemma. Since the reports indicate Kody Brown is also held responsible for this, that’s probably $30,000 he didn’t intend to shell out.

Fans got a glimpse of Kody a few weeks back when he busted in on Meri Brown. By his own admission, the leader of the Sister Wives family was a mess. At the time Meri was doing a live sale online with her followers, so Kody showed up live on the camera.

He wanted Meri to sign legal documents, which she did. But in between telling her where she needed to sign, Kody offered several complaints. He was stressed to the max he told Meri and the entire audience of hers was privy to that conversation.

Kody complained a lot about lack of money during the last Sister Wives season. So fans of the TLC series surmised his stress was also due to money problems when he interrupted Meri during her sale.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Paedon Brown - Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Wasn’t Even There

Kody Brown wasn’t with Paedon at the time of the accident but he’s still paying the price. According to reports, this Sister Wives teen hit the plaintiffs’ car when they stopped suddenly.

They did so to give an emergency vehicle the right of way. The force of the impact from the car Paedon was driving, pushed the vehicle he hit into the back of yet another car. So, it was a three-car pileup accident.

The car that his Sister Wives offspring drove belonged to Kody. As the vehicle’s owner, this put part of the responsibility on Kody’s shoulders. This is still the case despite Kody Brown not even being there at the time.

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