‘Sister Wives’: Why is Ysabel Brown in a Wheelchair With Family at Disneyland?

Sister Wives stars took a recent trip to Disneyland and in the family photo, Ysabel Brown (daughter of Christine and Kody Brown) is in a wheelchair. Fans immediately hopped online with concerns because they know the teen has battled scoliosis. Ysabel has tried almost everything to correct it attempting to stave off surgery. She even went to a boot camp for scoliosis.

During the last Sister Wives season, the doctor said Kody and Christine Brown’s daughter may very well face surgery in the future. But for the time being Ysabel opted to do hours of exercises every day. She did this with the hopes of correcting the curvature of her spine. Now with the beautiful young woman in a wheelchair at Disneyland, folks are wondering if she did have that surgery after all.

Sister Wives: Ysabel Brown in a Wheelchair – Did She Have Her Back Surgery?

Meri Brown posted a pic of herself from Disneyland recently and invited fans to say hi if they see her there. It looks like one fan hit the jackpot as the picture they got to take consisted of Kody Brown and his Sister Wives. This family picture has the fan in it along with Kody Brown and his wives Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Meri Brown. As you can see in the pic below, several of their kids went along as well. One of those kids is Ysabel Brown. She sits in the middle of this family portrait in a wheelchair.

You can probably recognize the Sister Wives family members. The only one missing out of the spouses is Robyn Brown. While some of you might think you see her with a baseball cap on, you’re incorrect. Although it may look a little like Robyn, the girl is thought to be Garrison’s girlfriend Kylie. The woman who took the picture said Robyn wasn’t there.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Meri Brown - Janelle Brown - Christine Brown - Ysabel Brown in wheelchair


Kody Brown Missing One Wife at Disneyland?

While Christine, Janelle, and Meri are with Kody in the Disneyland pic, Robyn isn’t. This caused a buzz online today. This is the second Sister Wives recent family event where Robyn is missing in family pics. She didn’t show up at Aspyn Brown Thompson’s graduation as well.

Aspyn addressed that and said Robyn woke up not feeling well. Now the Disney trip picture has Kody and three of his wives but no Robyn. To be fair, she could be in Disneyland back at the hotel with the little ones. Although some fans suggest this looks like a Sister Wives graduation outing for older kids.

The woman who posted the pic above said that the family was not filming at Disneyland. She said they were just enjoying a family outing.

Sister Wives: Another Season in the Works?

Fans hope all is well with Ysabel Brown, although she looks pretty happy in this pic. Christine Brown has kept the Sister Wives fans in the loop while Ysabel fought her battle with scoliosis. She even allowed the TLC cameras to film during her doctors’ visits. So if she did have the surgery it’s surprising Christine didn’t share that via social media with the fans.

Although because it was such a big part of the storyline on the show maybe they are waiting to address it in a new season. So far nothing’s come down from TLC about a renewal of the Sister Wives show. But with the many cliffhangers left by the Brown family last season it almost seems like they have to do another season. But that’s up to the powers who be at TLC.

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