‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown’s Bizarre Family Murder History

Sister Wives star Christine Brown blushes when Kody Brown suggests she’s a descendant of royalty in their faith. But, but that’s not all there is to it. While Kody dubs Christine a “princess” because she’s the granddaughter of a former church leader, her family tree is somewhat notorious.

Sister Wives Ancestors: Christine Brown Has Some Notorious Family

Rulon Allred was the grandfather of the third wife of the Sister Wives tribe, Christine Brown. His church followers considered him a well-respected leader of the Apostolic United Brethren.

But Ervil LeBaron, who is Christine Brown’s great uncle, led a rival polygamous cult, proclaiming himself a prophet.

Anna LeBaron is the daughter of Ervil LeBaron. Sister Wives‘ Christine Brown’s second cousin recently gave an interview. And cousin Anna revealed that her father ordered the deaths of over 25 people. One of those unfortunate souls was Rulon Allred, Christine Brown’s grandfather. Yes, Christine’s grandfather was murdered by Ervil LeBaron claims Anna.

A Family Resemblance

Anna LeBaron has never met Christine Brown. While she doubts that will happen, given their horrific family tree. Family reunions can be awkward when your cousin’s father murdered your grandfather. But Anna would still like to meet Christine one day.

It is hard not to notice a family resemblance in the photos below. And, how much Anna LeBaron looks like Christine Brown.

It looks like the Sister Wives mom of six Christine Brown does have a twin out there.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Look Alike Second Cousin Anna LeBaron

So which one out of the three pics above is the Sister Wives celeb? If you guessed the photo with the pancakes… you’re wrong. In fact, Christine Brown doesn’t appear in any of the photos above. They’re all Anna, each and every one of them.

Anna LeBaron wrote in her book, “The Polygamist’s Daughter,“  that she came from a Sister Wives family that makes Kody Brown’s bunch look tiny. Her father took on 13 wives and they had 51 children between them all.

Anna says that her father took a doctrine and then “became fanatical with it,” which he reflected in the way he practiced. After ordering the death of more than 25 people eventually the law caught up with him.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown

Sister Wives: Christine’s Family In Totally Different Sector of the Religion

While Christine’s grandfather’s side of the family was well respected, his relative, Ervil LeBaron was a different story. It seems like Christine’s look-alike is aiming to set that story straight.

On May 10, 1977, Rulon Allred sat in his Murray, Utah, office when two women wearing sunglasses and wigs walked in. They opened fire on the church leader. Allred received a fatal wound in that shooting. He died later that day from the fatal wounds. Ervil LeBaron died in prison in 1981.

While the man who killed her grandfather was also related to Christine Brown, it wasn’t a group they associated with. Ervil broke off into his own sector and made his own rules and protocols. But the Sister Wives celebrity’s grandfather and the man who ordered his death didn’t associate with one another. The two became estranged many years prior to this killing.

According to reports, Ervil targeted rival church leaders at the time he ordered the killings. Christine Brown, who was born in 1972, was just five-years-old when her grandfather died.

Looking at the woman above who shares some of the same DNA as Christine, it’s amazing how much they do look alike. But as Anna LeBaron said, as much as she’d love to meet Christine Brown, with the family history the way it stands, that probably will never meet.

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