‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Drops Big Hint on Backward Plan?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown seems to side with her shared husband over his new vision for the family which started a flood of assumptions. At the same time, it looks like Kody Brown and his Sister Wives ladies leave one wife by the wayside with these plans. And… this time it’s not Meri Brown.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Suddenly a Cheerleader for Kody Brown?

First of all, when Kody Brown moved his family to Flagstaff, Janelle Brown and her Sister Wives took on rental homes. That’s all except for Christine Brown. She had animals and she didn’t find a rent that was willing to accept her pets. So, the story goes – she purchased a house.

Right now in real-time it’s hard for fans to keep up with where each Sister Wives adult lives today. What fans do know is that Robyn moved to Flagstaff and made her home in a rental. That rental looked luxurious and grand but the landlord sold it from underneath her and she had to move again.

This is what fans see on Sister Wives today, Robyn wants another rental but Kody wants her to buy a house. Fans learned a while back in real-time that Robyn purchased a house. So, Kody did win out.

Then Meri Brown, who was chased out of her first Flagstaff rental by neighbors, moved into a lavish second rented home in Flagstaff. But what the fans didn’t know until last week’s episode is that she has to move again. This makes move number three for the Sister Wives’ first wife. She’s got the other wives beat.

Meri’s rental house sold and she needs a new dwelling in Flagstaff. Since she only had a short time to move, she must have a place by now. But fans don’t know where Meri is living today in real-time. Up until the last episode, viewers believed she still lived in her elevator home.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Christine Brown - Janelle Brown

Musical Chairs With Houses?

So far fans know that Christine Brown owns her own home. The same for Robyn. Now viewers learn how Meri needed to move. But people don’t know if she’s in a rental or a home she owns outright.

Sister Wives enthusiasts don’t even know if she’s in the same state. The original Sister Wives matriarch sarcastically said she might live at her bed and breakfast, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. That’s in Parowan, Utah.

On the newest preview clips to surface online, Christine Brown contradicts Robyn’s concerns that buying a house wouldn’t be good for the family as a whole. Christine said she thinks it works for the family either way. Is Christine hinting to something here? How can this be good for the family either way?

Maybe Christine offers a clue as to what her shared husband has in mind. It would be good for the family if Kody suddenly found himself awarded a windfall. Is that the direction Christine Brown is led into? Will they go in a different direction when it comes to their building lot?

But there’s more going on than this behind the scenes. Kody ponders dissolving a relationship. Some fans assume it’s his marriage to Robyn he’s talking about.

But it sounds more like the father of 18 plans to resolve the business end of their ties. He said he might just dissolve the partnership and go about buying a house without her okay. Maybe that’s what he did?

Sister Wives: Does Christine Brown Hold Court?

While Christine presents this to the Sister Wives camera, Meri and Janelle sit on either side of her. Robyn is nowhere within the camera’s scope.

Neither women said they agreed with Christine. But Meri seems to shake her head yes as if she does agree with Christine’s analogy. Janelle is a bit harder to read but she appears to agree with Christine as well.

So is Christine Brown siding with Kody over Sister Wives number four? Christine has the other two wives by her side as she says, either way, is good for the Sister Wives tribe. If they buy or rent, it benefits everyone.

Now that Robyn owns a new home in Flagstaff, will Meri buy as well? After Kody met with the lawyer he comes home great news. Or at least it’s great news for him. If he builds on Coyote Pass and rents the homes out, he’s learned he can become rich. That’s because Flagstaff without rental property to speak of.

This went over like a lead balloon when he presented this to his wives. But rattling his Sister Wives spouses never stopped him before. With Christine seemingly on Kody’s side will he build on Coyote Pass and rent the dwellings out?

By directing his wives to purchase their own homes around Flagstaff and with Christine Brown in his pocket as a cheerleader in this a clue of things to come? Will the Sister Wives family go backward and turn their Coyote Pass land into a renter’s haven? Tune in to TLC on Sunday nights as the new episodes roll out at 10 pm EST.

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