‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Surfaces in Worst Hair Day Ever? [Photo Inside]

Sister Wives celeb Kody Brown is a reality star who keeps his fans amused with his bad hair days. But, he’s outdone himself this time and he does so while in public. Papa Brown is no novice to bad hair days and his ringlets get him a lot of mileage when it comes to publicity.

The funny part about this Sister Wives photo is that Kody Brown doesn’t seem to realize just how he looks. As one fan said, “that’s just awful”. While this photo, which appears toward the bottom of this article, isn’t new, it stands as a reminder to fans. It offers evidence as to how a good-looking man can botch up his looks with a simple hairband.

Sister Wives: What Was Kody Brown Thinking?

The way Kody pulled back his hair caused the Sister Wives patriarch to appear bald in the front half of his head. Then the back half sports all these curly waves. It appears there’s a battle going on between two hairstyles on top of Kody Brown’s head.

While one fan described this look as a battle between two coiffures, other comments weren’t as kind. In comparison to what some fans had to say, it was kind. So what was Kody thinking? Or better yet, what was Mariah Brown thinking sitting next to her Sister Wives dad?

It didn’t seem to matter what the father of this Sister Wives brood looked like. Both members of this father-daughter duo looked into a camera with a big smile.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Hair

Not First Time Kody Morphs Into Scary-Hairy

Above is a little parade of photos that drew comments about Kody’s hair in the past. Through more than a decade of Sister Wives seasons, Kody’s hair was quite the attention grabber.

As his hairline seemed to recede, it looks like Kody let his hair grow longer. So far he’s not been spotted with one of those insipid comb-overs. But he’s still only in his 50s. Maybe that’s an experiment he’ll save for his golden years.

While this picture below may quite possibly show Kody on the worst bad hair day of his life, he doesn’t seem to realize this. The Sister Wives family leader does read social media posts. He once posted a picture of his hair in real-time after a fan called it a mop-top.

He’s very aware that his hair borders on scary now and then. Before the last season started he warned fans that if they thought his hair looked bad in the previews, wait until the episodes roll by. He offered a fair warning of how it only gets worse. He was right – according to the fans’ comments, it did.

Sister Wives: Mariah Brown - Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Daily Hair-Care Protocol

This Sister Wives father of 18 has such a love affair going with his hair that his wives call Kody’s curly locks, his fifth wife. TLC, along with the Sister Wives ladies once did an “Ode to Kody Brown’s Hair”.

This video came out eight years ago, so it’s obvious that this thing with Kody’s hair is nothing new. That video appears below.

A Secret Ingredient?

Janelle Brown was recently asked a question about her shared husband from the Sister Wives tribe. A fan wanted to know what product Kody Brown used to give such body and definition to his ringlets.

Janelle offered a three-letter word for Kody’s defined ringlets – age. She said as Kody got older his hair got curlier.

Veteran fans of the TLC series Sister Wives probably wouldn’t be too surprised if Kody Brown’s hair got it’s very own spinoff. After all, they do call this shared husband’s hair one of the “characters on the series.

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