‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s Kids Offer Odd Science Theory in Tell All

Sister Wives Tell All Part I offered a few scenes that raised eyebrows as viewers got to hear the Kody Brown family offer their take on things. Even the Brown kids had some creative ways of looking at things. Apparently, this is a family that likes to think outside of the box.

Eight of Kody Brown’s older kids joined the Tell All episode of Sister Wives. They had a few things to add about the move.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown’s Kids – New Generation of Inquisitive Minds

The Sister Wives Tell All featured a segment where Kody Brown’s older children were interviewed. The girls in the Brown family seemed enthused over their new Flagstaff surroundings. They’ve developed a theory after making some observations about the people in their new town. This theory mainly deals with teenage boys.

First Aurora Brown offered up her observations about people being friendlier in Flagstaff. But the laughter started when Gwendlyn Brown got the ball rolling with a theory about teen boys.

According to the Sister Wives girls, the boys are better looking in Arizona. They are also taller in that city in comparison to Vegas. But they didn’t stop at the comparisons. Kody Brown’s children came up with a theory for their find.

Teen Girls Develop Semi-Scientific Theory

It seems with Flagstaff sitting almost seven thousand feet above sea level, they are further from the core of the Earth. Therefore, they are further away from the effects of gravity, suggests Gwendlyn. Without gravity working on the faces of these boys, who the girls find so appealing, they managed to form gorgeous faces. Yep, Kody Brown’s teenage girls offered up this theory. It seems they see it as the boys faces are tighter without the full force of gravity.

These teen Sister Wives daughters of Kody Brown also stressed how that lack of gravity in Flagstaff didn’t stunt growth like Vegas, which has an elevation much lower. Apparently, in their young scientific minds, Flagstaff being further away from the Earth’s core allows a person to grow taller. That’s because gravity doesn’t hold them back. Or “squish them down” in more scientific terms.

Sister Wives: Kids Inherit Their Moms’ Sense of Humor

So, according to the theory spun by Kody Brown’s young daughters, it seems if you are on the short side there’s a reason. It sounds like there’s a good chance you spent most of your life in an oceanside town. Or one very close to the level of the sea in elevation. While this theory doesn’t offer much scientific hope, it did offer up a few laughs. Not only for the Sister Wives viewers but for the kids as well.

It was easy to see that Gwendlyn inherited her tendency for humor from her mom, Christine Brown. It looks like Robyn Brown’s daughter Aurora is a lot her mom as well when it comes time for sharing a few laughs. Kody Brown also likes to have fun, so these kids seem to follow their parents lead in the humor department.

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