‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s Daughter Puts Him in His Place – Fans Applaud

Sister Wives star Kody Brown lost out in one pivotal scene with daughter Truely Brown as she stood up to her dad and shut him down. New fans to the show discovered a scene where Truely stood toe to toe with her dad and emerged the victor.

With the Sister Wives in-between seasons, some new fans are binge-watching previous seasons. It also gave veteran fans of the TLC reality series a chance to see things they missed. And one scene between Kody and a daughter caught viewers’ attention.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Met His Match?

It’s probably hard for Kody Brown to spend a lot of one-on-one time with his kids since he has 18 children. That may be why fans don’t see much of him with just one kid on Sister Wives. So, when the cameras focus on him with one child, you’d hope to see that offspring happy to be with their dad.

The buzz over the weekend focused on one of the Sister Wives daughters. Several different scenes during the last few seasons showed how Truely Brown interacted with her father, Kody Brown. One scene seemed to stun the fans more than the others.

It seems this little girl was quite the match for her Sister Wives’ dad when it came to matching wits. She stood her ground, and for this, she gets thumbs-up from Sister Wives followers today. When this clip first rolled out, the consensus among fans seemed to be Team Truely as well.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Truely Brown Fans Bike Riding Comments

Ride Truely Brown, Ride

One of the most talked-about scenes between Truely and her father is the bike-riding incident. At the time, this Sister Wives’ daughter was 9-years-old and didn’t know how to ride a bike. But more importantly — she didn’t want to learn to ride a bicycle because it scared her.

The little girl made it plain to Kody Brown that she didn’t want anything to do with a bicycle. But Kody was bound and determined his daughter would not only learn to ride but like it as well.

Kody looked into the Sister Wives camera and explained how her mom, Christine Brown, previously tried to teach her. Truely wanted nothing to do with anything two-wheeled. So, Kody Brown steps in to address her fears.

Sister Wives: Truely Brown Won’t Back Down

Fans also mention several other incidents regarding Turely seemingly snubbing her Sister Wives’ father. A scene where Truely didn’t want to high-five her father also seemed odd to some fans. They also mentioned a road trip when Truely didn’t want to ride with her father in his vehicle.

Fans got a good look at the interaction between father and daughter in the video above. Kody reduced Truely Brown to tears by pressuring her to ride the bike. It got to the point of him demanding she ride and Truely crying.

Back when the bike-riding scenes aired on TLC, fans were disturbed over Kody’s lack of patience with his daughter. Today, fans send kudos to Christine Brown for encouraging her daughter to be herself. Truely defeated Kody in the bike riding incident. He was adamant she’d learn this skill. And she was adamant that she wouldn’t — and she didn’t.

In the end, the perturbed Sister Wives patriarch gave up and sent her into the house. Fans online applauded Truely for sticking to her guns. It’s unknown if she ever did master bicycle riding, as she’s 10 today. But, if she did, fans believe she did so when she thought she was ready.

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