‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Fans ‘Freaks Out’ – Mystery Man’s Grandma Confirms Relationship?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown started a storm of speculation about her marriage with Kody Brown with her latest post on a mystery man.  While Meri remains mum as the assumptions run wild, it looks like the unnamed man’s grandmother addresses the post.

Meri Brown posted a photo of herself with a man, who has his arm around her as both offer a smile for the camera. Fans instantly hopped online after seeing the Sister Wives matriarch’s photo along with a romantic-sounding caption of the picture. Meri writes, “And then you meet someone who was in front of you all along.”

Sister Wives: Fans Reprimand Meri Brown

Because Meri’s words sounded romantic in nature to some of her fans, it prompted several reprimands online. Chatter regarding Kody Brown and Meri Brown parting ways plagued the Sister Wives brood for a few seasons now. Tales of the first wife and her co-wives falling out also emerged online. She’d been absent from events and off starting her own B&B.

Then Meri showed up in family pictures with Kody Brown and her Sister Wives, which seemed to correct the misconceptions. Now it’s Meri herself who seems to be fueling the chatter online. Some of the folks who follow her on social media now ask if she’s left Kody. Some skip the question and just congratulate her for doing so.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

First Wife of Kody Brown Remains Mum

Then, others offer Meri a piece of their minds. “Just gonna make a statement like that and leave your fans hanging?? Clarify please!!” Meri emerged early on as a fan-favorite among the Sister Wives spouses. Die-hard fans of the show just want to see her happy, judging by comments on her social channels.

Despite all this chatter, Meri seems to ignore the questions and comments on her post. There’s nothing from her at all to clarify her relationship with this man. Of course, she doesn’t have to – it’s her social page. But with 275,000 followers, that’s a lot of interest. Many of the people who follow Meri Brown do so because they’ve become fans through the Sister Wives show.

Earlier this year an alleged former friend of Robyn Brown’s offered up some insight on Meri Brown. Kendra Pollard-Parra said in an interview that Meri does see other guys but she’s not likely to go public with this. Of course, this person had no evidence and not even any real proof of her association with the Browns. But if there’s any truth in this, maybe Meri did find someone she’s willing to introduce to the public.

Sister Wives: Grandma Weighs In on Photo

While the debate continues online on whether this is a new romantic interest for Meri or not, another party spoke. Someone who identifies herself as “his grandma” offered up her clarification on the photo of Meri and the mystery man.

Happy Grandma 938 writes “I am his grandma and they are as happy as they look”. Still, this doesn’t clarify if this is happiness shared by two family members, a couple of friends, or between two people dating.

So it’s basically anyone’s guess as to who this mystery man is to Meri Brown. Since she continues to stay mum while the assumptions build, it looks like maybe this post is all about the intrigue leading up to their next season of Sister Wives.

Almost 14,000 people “liked” this photo of Meri with her mystery man within the first 24 hours that it went up.  But still, no clarification from the matriarch of the family. With a new Sister Wives season already filming, a few commenters suggest this is nothing more than a publicity stunt. For one thing, it certainly got folks talking, which is evident by the comments online.

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