Sister Wives: Meri Brown In Rare Weight-loss Workout Photo Turns Heads

Sister Wives star Meri Brown shares a rare look at her routine by getting up close and personal in her latest pic attempting to break a sweat. Sure fans of the TLC show get to see Meri strike a pose in her LuLaRoe outfits online almost every day, but this is different.

It seems Meri Brown, the original matriarch of the Sister Wives clan, now works out. Get a look at where she’s doing her exercise routine. She’s not in Flagstaff, as you can see with the gym logo in the background of her picture.

Sister Wives Update: Meri Brown Has it Covered

Gym On Main is just a stone’s throw away from Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, which is Meri’s bed & breakfast. She’s at the gym in Parowan, Utah, again home to Lizzie’s. It looks like Meri might be killing two birds with one stone when it comes to this photo.

Meri Brown offers this photo for her fans. It looks like she’s demonstrating how she gives it her all during her workout. So it looks like this Sister Wives celeb isn’t afraid of a little hard work. She also seems to do double-duty with this post as well. It makes a wonderful advertising piece.

This Sister Wives business owner lets her potential customers at Lizzie’s know that the gym is complimentary for her guests. It seems the Sister Wives entrepreneur thought of everything. She also mentions how guests don’t have to give up their workout routine while away from home. Then Meri Brown posts the photo below to demonstrate how it’s done.

Sister Wives; Meri Brown

Meri Brown Losing Weight And Not Looking At All Shy These Days

Sister Wives fans offer thumbs up to Meri Brown as she shares her workout online. Not only do they offer praise for losing weight, but fans attempt to give her even more inspiration to keep going.

Many of the followers of the Sister Wives show favor Meri Brown. This is one wife and mom who doesn’t sit still. If she’s not selling her LuLaRoe clothing to the online world, she promoting her inn. Over the last year, she’s made a tremendous transformation in the eyes of her followers.

Some fans believe she’s getting ready to make the big push right out that Sister Wives door.

Sister Wives: Meri Does Her Own Navigation These Days.

Meri Brown no longer sits around and lets life unfold around her. No, today she’s out there making life happen as an independent Sister Wives celebrity. She just returned from a cruise with her other family last week. That other family, while not blood related, is pretty close to Meri Brown. That brood is made up of her sales associates at LuLaRoe.

It seems as though Meri spent many weekends at Lizzie’s over the past few months. A few of her Sister Wives posts show her traveling by car to the inn. She usually packs the car with supplies for Lizzie’s. When she comes back home to Flagstaff, she’s taking LuLaRoe orders and shipping stuff out.

So today Meri posts a picture of her workout regimen for all to see. She’s not only looking happy but healthy as well. It looks as though this Sister Wives fan-favorite found her niche in life as an entrepreneur.

Sister Wives enthusiasts couldn’t be happier for Meri Brown. While she still claims she’s a part of the Kody Brown family these days, it looks like she’s living life solo much of the time. It also seems like she’s able to do this without too much interference due to family matters.

Today Meri is unlike the Meri Brown the viewers saw last season. She appears to have much more self-confidence, suggests the fans.  “You Go Meri Brown” is echoed by her followers a few times across her social media sites today.

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