Sister Wives: Meri Brown Stuns Friend While Shooting the ‘Bull’ at Lizzie’s Heritage Inn

Sister Wives star Meri Brown might have followed through on a dare when she posted a clip of her and a friend shooting the “bull” on the porch of her B&B. Or maybe she thought it would make a rather funny public service message with a tad bit of a shock factor.

Whatever the reason, Meri Brown and her friend Lisa Stone looked like they had some fun at Lizzie’s Heritage Inn this weekend. It starts with Meri apparently telling Lisa what makes up a popular dog treat.

Then, the Sister Wives matriarch videoed her friend Lisa spilling the beans on this rather gross ingredient. When she was done with her spiel, Lisa said to Meri – you won’t post this — but she did.

Sister Wives – Meri Brown Shares a Bunch of ‘Bull’

Apparently, Meri Brown realized that it was a fairly gross subject because she posted a comment following the video saying – ‘Yep I think I ruined Lisa for life”.  So just what is so icky about the dog treats people hand out to their pets? Many people would say nothing when you first take a look at this product bull pizzle, also called bully sticks.

But this star of Sister Wives apparently finds this somewhat interesting, or perhaps she sees it as a funny topic. At a glance, the meaty treat sort of reminds you of the dried rawhide chews that dogs get for treats.

But rawhide it’s not. It is a treat made out of a dried out bull’s penis. To listen to Lisa explain it on the Sister Wives matriarch’s video, there’s quite a process that goes into this penile treat.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Complete Description of Bull Pizzle

To set the scene of Meri’s latest Instagram story – the two friends hang out on the porch of Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. This is Meri’s B&B business, which the show Sister Wives featured on a few episodes. It appears Meri Brown is filming her pal Lisa who stands on the porch with a dog on a leash.

Lisa looks into the camera to announce what Meri told her about these treats. It’s nothing more or less than dried bull penis, she conveys. Lisa also claims that the Sister Wives celeb wouldn’t tell you but she will. Then she suggests that you look it up – just what makes up this common pet treat.

It seems many people don’t know what this bull-based treat is, even if they give it to their dogs for treats, according to the animal nutrition experts. Lisa goes on to say that it’s “uncooked, dried, stretched out, bull penis.” So there you have it. If Meri Brown wasn’t going to tell you, her friend did. But it also looks like Meri has no qualms about posting Lisa’s dog treat description on her Instagram stories.

Sister Wives: Odd Breakfast Conversation

If you Google bull pizzle, you’ll find Lisa and Meri Brown are right on the money. You might know this product by its other name in the stores. You may have seen it as bully sticks for your dog.

Sister Wives spouse Meri prior she was heading out on another road trip this weekend. So it appears her destination was Lizzie’s Heritage Inn.

Meri Brown and her guest Lisa spent what looked to be a rainy morning on the B&B’s front porch. While the food looked great, the breakfast chatter of bull private parts might prove too strong for some stomachs so early in the morning.

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