‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Not in a Place in Life for Commission Work – Turns down Requests

Sister Wives star Meri Brown recently passed up work that she enjoys citing it’s not a good time in her life right now to embark on this gig. It seems at this point in Meri’s life she doesn’t have the time it would take to fulfill the requests she getting since her last post. So what won’t the Sister Wives matriarch engage in for the masses?

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Creates for Meri Only – No Commission Work

It seems Meri Brown shared her artwork creations online. When she did, the overall consensus is the first wife of Kody Brown has talent! Meri proves herself an artist with two pictures she recently posted online. The paintings in the post below were created by none other than the Picasso of the Sister Wives clan – Meri Brown.

It’s no secret how much Meri Brown loves her pups. During the last season of Sister Wives, she carried one little guy below around quite often. People jokingly commented online about her paying more attention to her pets than to her husband. It was also no secret that Meri went through a tough time during the last season. She would cuddle with her dog which seemed to make her feel better at times.

Sister Wives - Meri Brown


Meri Gives Shout-Out to Painter Friend

Her two dogs, which are painted below, are named Mosby and Koda. Fans have seen the pups on the Sister Wives show. It’s apparent even to the amateur eye that Meri captured her furry friends right down to their personalities. The tan-colored pup looks curious and ready to play and the black dog with the white spot on its chest looks a bit stoic. It seems that after Meri put the two pictures below on her Instagram page, people reached out to her asking if she takes commission paintings.

While Meri Brown explained in the post above how much she loves doing this. But she’s not in a place in her life right now where she can take the time to paint for commission. But this Sister Wives artist did offer up an alternative. Apparently, her friend, who was very much involved in giving Meri pointers while painting, is available to do it. Her friend’s name is Natalie and she offered up the contact info for this woman.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Sister Wives: Busy in Flagstaff

As Meri Brown explains in one of her posts, she hadn’t picked up a paintbrush since moving to Flagstaff with her Sister Wives family. But apparently, she finally found the time and painted one of the doggy portraits once landing in their new town. One of the two pictures above was painted three years ago and the other just recently. While Meri didn’t plan it that way, when the pups’ portraits hang side-by-side on the wall, they appear to look at each other.

Meri Brown noted that her daughter Mariah Brown and her fiancee’ Audrey Kriss like the way the dogs appear to gaze at each other in the paintings. So there you have it, Meri is quite talented but she’s just too busy to do anything professional with this talent. Like painting commissioned portraits of pets for folks. This Sister Wives painter may have missed her calling as fans offer wonderful comments as they critique her artwork.

Escape from Turmoil

Recent reports suggest all is not well in the Sister Wives world. Reports have Meri Brown and Kody Brown posting cryptic messages online taking a poke at one another. Christine Brown reportedly threw some shade on one of Janelle Brown and Kody’s sons on her social media account. She didn’t get to meet Garrison Brown’s girlfriend before he introduced her to the world online. Christine posted about finding that a bit awkward.

Then the reports that state Kody is spending the majority of his time at Robyn Brown’s house emerged. These reports have the other Sister Wives spouses a bit upset over Kody’s plural marriage looking more monogamous these days. So if there’s even a smidgeon of truth in any of this reports Meri might want to take to her paintbrush and canvas for some relaxation and escape from all the reported hoopla.

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