‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Sees Herself Spicing Up Life as New Season Films?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown suggests life isn’t boring with her around and it seems she’s making sure folks know this as the new season films. Meri appears to run circles around Kody Brown these days when it comes to advertising the Brown brand.

While the family films a new season of Sister Wives Meri takes to social media and seemingly spins a mystery for fans of the show. It also looks like Meri takes the wheel as Kody remains extremely quiet.

Sister Wives: Keep The Show Alive

After almost a decade of Sister Wives seasons, Kody Brown and his four wives know from experience the importance of keeping the fans interested. After Season 11, Sister Wives was on the chopping block but Kody Brown saved the day. He reportedly negotiated a huge salary cut for all five Brown adults. TLC gave him another season but obviously ratings needed to support the show for future seasons.

Apparently, the ratings allowed Sister Wives to continue, as seasons 12 and13 followed. Now reports indicate Season 14 is on the way. So Kody’s negotiating paid off even though a drastic pay cut took place for season 12. Kody allegedly offered to take just one combined salary of $180,000 for that season. Before this negotiation, all five Brown adults received $180,000 each. So this huge salary reduction meant they allegedly lost about half a million dollars in family income.

But by the show continuing, this did much more than just keep Kody Brown and his wives on TV. It kept their names and faces in the spotlight which means promo gigs. So that salary cut might seem extreme but without that negotiation, they wouldn’t be where they are today. From the evidence of their homes, cars, and family vacations, it looks as if they did well for themselves.

To keep fans enticed and coming back to Sister Wives, they had to up the ante on drama. As die-hard fans know, the drama shifted to Meri Brown and the possibility that she might fly the coop. So this brought the fans back to watch Meri navigate her relationships within the family.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown
Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Meri Brown Spins Intrigue

So now it looks like Meri Brown is playing on last season’s cliffhanger. They all moved to Flagstaff when the season ended but Meri still felt like she stood on the sidelines. Quite possibly she’s just giving the fans what they asked for. It seems Meri Brown fuels the online chatter today. That chatter places her somewhat on the outs with her Sister Wives spouses. But now her recent posts offer up a mystery for fans.

Recent photos and captions posted by Meri Brown offer just enough for fans to make assumptions. Sister Wives fans jumped on a post with Meri and a mystery man after she posted a caption that hinted to romance. She wrote, “And then you meet someone who was in front of you all along.” You can check out her three recent posts above.

But that’s just it, there’s nothing clear in her posts. Everything that Meri recently posted could be explained in more ways than one. Meri followed that post with a picture of her and an older man. This time around her caption read, “There’s always that one, and yep it’s usually him!” This message made no sense to her Instagram followers and a few were sure to tell her so – it’s confusing.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Mum as First Wife Takes the Reins

Meri recently took a road trip to attend the funeral of a dear family friend. So it’s likely the two men in the photos that caused the stir just happen to be close friends or even her relatives.

Still, Meri doesn’t say that. Instead, she offers captions that sound cryptic in nature. With one that’s misconstrued as romantic for some fans. Why all the intrigue? One fan mentioned how it appears Meri’s stirring up publicity for the show.

While Meri offers an online presence almost daily ahead of the new season, Kody Brown keeps unusually quiet. His last post was around Father’s Day. While his son recently posted a pic of him at a backyard BBQ, Kody hasn’t jotted a word down for his social media accounts.

Is this all part of the grand scheme to draw the viewers back into the new Sister Wives season? Fans know that Kody Brown isn’t one to keep quiet.

New Season On the Way

While there’s nothing official from TLC about a Sister Wives new season, the TLC show is filming. Kody Brown’s daughter recently confirmed another season is on the way. Gwendlyn Brown, the daughter of Christine Brown and Kody Brown, said “yes” when asked by a fan if another season of the show is coming.

So it looks like Meri Brown might be working the crowd with these intriguing posts. After all the hoopla bubbled up online about her recent photos, Meri offered yet another post.

This time she suggests to her fans – “Admit it… Life would be so boring without me!” It seems like Meri sees herself as spicing up life a bit for the Brown clan and her fans. She’s definately a fan favorite, evident by the number of followers on her Instagram account.

As far as the new Sister Wives season hitting the screen, you can probably make an estimate from the history of this show’s premieres. Fans can possibly see a new season as soon as September. If this is the case, look for the official TLC announcement sometime in August. Traditionally TLC offers up news of a new season for this show just weeks to a month out from the premiere date.

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