‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Packs Up Valuables – Ready to Flee Wildfire Warning

Sister Wives star Meri Brown is beyond stressed out right now as she gathers her valuables with the Flagstaff wildfire heading her way. Meri has kept her fans in the loop about this fire since it started on Sunday morning around 11 am. At that point, it was 15 miles away from her home. Today she is in the pre-evacuation zone, where she needs to prepare to leave at a moments notice.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Packed and Ready Ahead of Wildfire

Meri Brown started posting about the wildfire on Sunday. First, the Sister Wives matriarch shared how she was freaking out. That worry grew as she watched the helicopters and the billows of smoke in the distance.

Then Monday night, smoke was moving closer to her home. She posted a photo of the smokey night sky from out her window. Just a few hours ago the stressed-out Sister Wives spouse hopped back online.

This time around she reports she’s getting her cherished valuables together in case she’s got to bolt out that door. Officials named this wildfire the “Museum Fire”. It’s already consumed almost 2,000 acres of wooded land.

Meri’s house sits in the middle of a forest-like setting. There are 5,000 dwellings in danger from this fire, which is not contained when Meri posted a few hours ago.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Pre-Evacuation Status for Meri

It is a fairly large fire that appears to spread fast. While evacuations have started elsewhere, Meri just needs to be at the ready to leave her Sister Wives abode when the officials give the word.

But driving in that area is also very dangerous. Warnings about needing to use caution first started posting yesterday. Due to both the fire and the smoke, officials stress to use caution while driving. Driving through heavy smoke can bring visibility down to zero.

While Meri Brown and her three co-spouses all have homes in Flagstaff, it sounds like Meri’s house might be the closest to the wildfire. It started just north of Flagstaff, so that is probably the area where this Sister Wives celeb rented her home. There’s no word from Kody Brown or his other three wives leaving fans with the assumption Meri is the closet to the wildfire’s location.

Sister Wives Other Homes?

Christine and Kody Brown purchased a home in Flagstaff as they wait to develop Coyote Pass. But Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, and Robyn Brown rented their homes. On a Sister Wives episode during the last season, the wives talked about how far apart each of their homes was from each other.

It can take as long as 30 minutes to get to one wife’s home from another wives home. That’s quite a distance between the homes. So it sounds like Christine, Janelle, and Robyn’s places are further from the wildfire than Meri’s place.  The first wife of Kody Brown asked for the fans’ prayers earlier today as the fire continues to burn up the countryside.

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