‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Takes Over Kody Brown’s Career?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown looks like she’s running circles around Kody Brown and his self-proclaimed career choice today. Kody Brown looks as if he’s taken a back seat these days as Meri Brown mows right down the middle of his green lawn. Of course, that green represents money, which fans believe is something near and dear to his heart.

It looks like Meri now earns a good deal of the finances as a top sales associate at LuLaRoe. Then, of course, there’s her award-winning Lizzie’s Heritage Inn as well. Still, whether or not she shares the profits with her Sister Wives spouses is unknown.

It seems Meri turned out to be quite the salesperson. Not to mention it appears she could teach her shared Sister Wives husband a thing or two. Especially about the art of advertising as Kody Brown claims for his own career. Kody said several times during the earlier seasons of the show that he worked at advertising online.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Corners the Market for Series Advertising

Kody Brown seemed to fancy himself a career-oriented type of guy when Sister Wives first rolled out. But fans have yet to figure out just what that career entails. Now when it comes to advertising, Kody Brown, Janelle Brown, Robyn Brown, and Christine Brown could take a lesson from the matriarch of the family.

Meri Brown has this Sister Wives thing cornered when it comes to promoting the TLC series. Her online posts seem to entice the fans more than any of the other Sister Wives posts put together. She’s making headlines almost daily with messages many followers believe are cryptic in nature.

One of Meri’s latest posts turns heads as it talks about staying out of the weeds. In this posted message it also mentions she’s trying not to get distracted by the little and unimportant things in life. Apparently this is the way you stay out of the weeds.

Fans want to know just what weeds Meri is talking about. Did Meri just realize something she’s been focusing on is not important? This is just one more open-ended post among many leaving fans with questions they hope the next Sister Wives season will answer.

Anyway, it looks like Meri Brown has developed her own secret formula for keeping the fans interested. With all her newfound independence showing up in posts along with the cryptic messages, Sister Wives fans are bound to tune in for the next season.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Then There’s Kody Brown and Christine Brown’s Attempt

Christine Brown recently seemed to take a whack at engaging fans on social media. But her post probably won’t leave people waiting with bated breath for the fourteenth season of Sister Wives to roll around. Christine posted a photo of a bowl of sliced apples. she attempts to engage the show’s viewers by asking if they like to eat their apples whole or in slices.

The last post from Kody Brown might not leave fans revved up as well for the new Sister Wives season. He offers a throwback of his hair via a video. He also blames his hair’s new texture to the graying of his mane. Will fans tune in to see what texture has taken over Kody’s mop? Probably not.

So will Sister Wives viewers tune in to the new season to find the answer to Christine’s cliffhanger of a question – Do you like your apple whole or sliced? No, that probably won’t do the trick as well. They probably won’t flock to their TVs to out about the condition of Kody’s hair today as well.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Sister Wives: What Lifestyle is Meri Brown Living Today?

What will probably bring the Sister Wives enthusiast to the next season of the TLC show is Meri Brown. Her online posts make it look like she went rogue from the Brown clan. Over the past few months, she’s posted blurbs about saying goodbye to people who have given up on her.

Meri suggests that she’s ok with this today. But he did spend some time alone thinking about it before she felt fine with the severed relationships. She talked about selfish women and the things they do. But again all these mentions don’t have any names attached to it.

Along with the cryptic messages she posts, Meri Brown doesn’t show up in photos online with the Sister Wives family members except for her daughter Mariah Brown. The first wife of Kody Brown seems to be spending most of her time alone or with friends.

Meri’s messages look open-ended, offering plenty of room for fans to speculate just what is going on with her today.

An Unfinished Portrait Wins Out?

So Meri’s painted an unfinished portrait of herself. This is what will light that fire of curiosity under the fans of Sister Wives. While Kody Brown has a self-reported career in online advertising, it seems Meri Brown ran circles around him over the last few months.

Whether she intended this or not, she created an advertising campaign online that keeps the Sister Wives fans wanting more by way of answers. This will surely spark the viewers’ curiosity bringing them back. Instead of professional and costly advertising, Meri Brown did the job for free just by posting interesting and open-ended messages and photos on Instagram.

So, now who seems to be the advertising guru in the Sister Wives tribe? Kody with his hair, Christine grappling with apples, or Meri Brown teasing a new independent lifestyle? From what the fans say, it’s Meri Brown hands-down.

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