‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Sparks Twitter Firestorm – Fans Say She Lied About How Kody Met Robyn

Sister Wives star Meri Brown seems to have forgotten exactly how she and her husband Kody Brown first met Robyn Brown. Eagle-eyed fans immediately took issue with the her current telling of events about how Kody met Robyn.

Usually Meri Brown is a fan favorite. However, last night fans did not take well to her tweet contradicting how the pair met Robyn Brown. So, why is Meri rewriting history? Does she think the loyal Sister Wives fan base will buy what she’s saying?

Sister Wives: Meri Brown’s Memory Needs Jogging

I appears, Meri Brown is spreading half-truths and lies about how she and Kody Brown met their future fourth wife, Robyn. In a recent tweet, Meri said they met Robyn while out for a drive. Yet that contradicts what she has said in the past.

In fact, Meri herself explained on a Sister Wives clip (see below) exactly when they both met Robyn.

Meri said that she and Kody Brown were a party (see video below). The friend hosting it was Robyn’s cousin. Meri said, “Kody and I were out one night and we went over to a friend’s house” and that’s where they met Robyn. That doesn’t align to her recent tweet about their meet-cute. Plus, in the older video, Meri says she suggested Kody pursue Robyn as a potential new wife.


Fans Question Meri’s Version Of Meeting Robyn Brown

Sister Wives diehards were all over social media last night as the season 14 premiere of Sister Wives aired. Both Janelle Brown and Meri Brown were hosting live fan interactive events. So when Meri tweeted that contrary to tabloid reports she didn’t introduce Kody and Robyn and that they met her while they were out on a drive, fans were fast to question her remarks.

Below you see a sampling of the firestorm Meri’s tweet created. Multiple fans recalled how Robyn and Kody met differently. Many times on the show Meri stated how they met. Also, she suggested Robyn as a wife mainly because she and Robyn hit it off and Meri really could use an ally within the Sister Wives family.


Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Sister Wives: None Of The Spouses Have Commented Further

Usually, family members like or comment on other family members’ posts. However, so far none of Meri Brown’s co-spouses have chimed in on her tweet. Also noteworthy at this point is that Robyn Brown 8s the only spouse, not online last night. Also, she’s been noticeably absent from social media from months. Fans are beginning to question why. Perhaps as the season progresses, Robyn will return to social media. Or maybe we will learn on the show why she’s suddenly staying away from interacting with all her fans online.

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