‘Sister Wives’ Premiere Night: Guess Where Meri Brown’s Watching – Not Where You Think

Sister Wives star Meri Brown makes a rare move this weekend. She’s hosting a Girls Night-In on her LuLaRoe Facebook group while her family’s hit TLC series Sister Wives debuts its 14th season. It’s not often Meri mixes her reality show with her highly successful online clothing business. However, since it’s her prerogative to mix these two businesses, she’s allowing her LuLaRoe groupies to comment on her personal life tonight.

Sister Wives returns for season 14 tonight, Sunday, January 5, with a two-hour premiere at 9 pm on TLC.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Goes Out Of The Box

Tonight Sister Wives is back for its new season. So, Meri Brown will host a Night-In for girls on her LuLaRoe FB group while the show airs in her time zone.  In fact, she requested fans and followers to wear comfy clothes or pajamas, grab their snacks and electronic devices and watch the show with her tonight. She’s planning to chat the two hours away in real-time as the two-hour premiere airs.

The Sister Wives alum, Meri Brown, notes this is an interesting twist and quite a departure from her stand operating protocol for this group. The event won’t be a live chat, it will be Meri commenting here and there as her fans watch along. However, she’s not ruling out providing a little back story or emoji here and there. So fans should pay attention to Meri’s insider info tonight.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Meri Makes It Clear Her LuLaRoe Group Is Not A Family Tell-All

Sister Wives’ first wife Meri Brown is adamant that her LuLaRoe group isn’t a free for all for gossip on her famous reality family. The fact is it’s her group and members must play by her rules. Her mindset on discussing her family’s private lives and or what we see on their television show is if she brings something up we can talk about it. So, obviously tonight’s Girls Night is one of those instances.

Meri Brown also reminds Sister Wives fans that there’s a lot of things that she may not be able to talk about. Recall she and her fellow spouses are bound by their TLC contracts and non-disclosure agreements (NDA’s). So, she’s asking followers to keep that in mind and be respectful in their comments and questions

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Also Holding Live Fan Event

Another Sister Wives spouse is also doing a live event for her fans tonight. Janelle Brown, Kody’s second wife, shared on Twitter that she will be live-tweeting. She’ll be live tonight as the episode airs. So, it looks like there are two wives on two different social media platforms making themselves accessible to their fans.

Sister Wives viewers have options tonight. So, whether you’re a fan of Janelle’s or Meri’s or just of the show, it looks like you will have a way to get an insider’s view into tonight’s episode. Plus, from the looks of things, this season will bring the drama. No doubt fans have been eagerly anticipating the shows return. Finally, the wait is over.

All-new episodes of Sister Wives air every Sunday night only on  TLC.

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